Just like most other sports, baseball is also a popular sport played by many. It also happens to be the national game of the United States of America. However, compared to most other sports, baseball does not require many accessories. Just a baseball bat, baseball gloves, and a ball is sufficient to play the sport. Talking about baseball gloves, if you have a good quality glove with you, it can help boost your defense a lot. However, choosing the right one for your own use is not as simple as it may sound to you. You have to keep several factors in mind while shopping for a baseball glove.

Different Types of Leather

It is needless to say that baseball gloves are made from different types of leather. However, most of these gloves can be categorized into 4 primary groups, full grain, premium steerhide, kipskin, and cowhide.

  • Full Grain: These types of leather are basically cowhide or steerhide that has the natural grain still remaining. As a result of this, the gloves seem to be heavier and stiffer than other types of baseball gloves.
  • Kipskin: The luxurious and soft form of cowhide is known as kipskin and are usually found in costly or high-end baseball gloves. These gloves are lightweight when compared to cowhide. Due to this fact, it is of great help to infielders while snagging the ball and transferring it to the hand.
  • Premium Steerhide: This type of leather is stronger than cowhide and thus, proves to be more durable, heavier, and stiffer than any other type of leather. Steerhide is taken from the rear shoulder of a grown steer.
  • Cowhide: When you talk about leather, it basically means cowhide. These are normally medium weight but can still be heavier at times. Although gloves made from cowhide can perform well, it also tends to wear out faster than steerhide.

Types of Web Pattern

While shopping for a baseball glove, one important factor to consider is the web pattern on the glove. There are different types of web patterns. Once you have some idea about these patterns, it will help you choose the best glove for your game.

  • Basket Web: You will notice that most of the pitchers use baseball gloves that come with basket webs. These are made from small intertwining leather straps. These types of gloves help pitchers to hide the ball, along with their hands, from the batter.
  • Trapeze Web: Baseball gloves with trapeze webs are usually used by outfielder. It comprises of a thin leather strap that is connected to either side with the help of lace interlacing.
  • Modified Trap Web: Baseball gloves that have modified trap webs are normally used by both infielders and pitchers. Although it is quite similar to the traditional trap web, gloves with a modified trap web comes with a section of leather along the top that help to add some stability to the glove.
  • Single Post Web: Gloves with a single post web are normally used on first base. It is made of both vertical and horizontal strips of leather that are woven together.