Before purchasing an e-car, you should take some time to understand the purpose of the purchase. What’s it for, where it will be used, and what you want to see in it? This is vital. And it’s not about the cost because the manager can persuade you to buy a car for $ 10,000. There are a few more important points that you should pay attention to, namely:


  • Motor
  • Weight
  • Control panel
  • The battery capacity


The paradox is that for the most part, the e-car is bought to fit parents, not a child. At least, that shouldn’t be the case. Otherwise, the purchase will give the child more troubles than joy.

What Company to Choose?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question because there are a lot of manufacturers. And almost 80% of them are in China and Taiwan. But it’s fine. Perhaps, when choosing, you should pay attention to the popularity of a brand and reviews of real users. Here’s a small statistic made by auto mechanic James, owner of the website: among the most popular brands of electric cars for kids, I’d identify the following brands: Joy Automatic (China), Peg-Perego (Italy), TCV (Taiwan), Toyland (Russia), RiverToys (China).

The selection of the best models in the list below was made taking into account the following aspects:


  • Cost
  • Customer reviews
  • Popularity
  • Tech features and functionality.



Best Two-Motor Electric Cars


  • Babyhit Retro


This certified model has received many rave reviews from parents and may well be nominated for a prize of parental sympathies. High marks were given for the rational combination of optimal configuration, good quality build and the most attractive cost in its class.

Vintage design with smooth lines of the body, the hood, and small structural parts will certainly attract everyone’s attention. Single-seat e-car is designed for kids from 3 to 7 y/o and weight up to 30 kg.

Technical advantages: two 20W motors and 5 km/h speed. Due to the pair of 6V/4.5Ah batteries, a ride in the fresh air will be a real pleasure. Among the advantages, there are also streamlined headlights and side lights, exterior mirrors, opening doors, a remote control, a handle for parents, audio effects, and seat belts. The low weight of 10 kg and inflatable damping wheels are extra points in favor of choosing this model.


  • Peg Perego John Deere Gator


John Deere Gator is a superhit from the famous Italian brand. This powerful two-seater claims to highest mobility among e-cars for kids. Two powerful electric motors of 170W each and a 12Ah battery can transport up to 50 kg of cargo at a speed of 7 km/h. The car causes an increased interest for kids because it allows not only to transport a person but also a cargo of up to 10 kg (for this it has a special body).

The John Deere Gator model is literally crammed with functionality and comfort. Here is just a list of what you will find in this buddy: adjustable seats with armrests, pads for water bottles, a stylish dashboard, speed lock function.

No wonder that Peg Perego cars are very respected by distributors. This is perhaps one of the most high-quality and reliable electric vehicles for kids. The price for them is appropriate. Buying John Deere Gator will cost you around $500.  


  • TCV 355 Shark


If you want to give your kid a really powerful and high-quality electric car, then this model will be a good option. TCV 355 SHARK is a true off-road shark. The car is equipped with two batteries for 12V and can work up to 4 hours drive on the grass and ground. It is able to overcome rises up to 17%. At the same time, the electric apparatus is double, with seat belts, so that children can ride with their friends, brothers or sisters. Such an e-car is worth buying only for children from 3 years old since it can reach speeds of up to 8 km/h and does not have a control panel.

What to Check When Buying?

Motor and weight. When choosing an e-car, you definitely need to look at the inner stuffing, namely the motor. Electric vehicles with two motors and a good rechargeable battery (from 12V) have high mobility. This will allow the kid to roll, not only on flat asphalt, but also on a dirt surface. Cars with more power are needed for those who live in the private sector, where there is no good road.