Cars are usually of great worth and hence need protection. To maintain the joy of seeing your car in great shape, you have to find yourself a car cover.

You usually use your car for many activities. Daily, you may wake up to drive to work. You will then pack your car on open ground when you have no garage. Outside your car will be at the risk of destruction.

It includes the diverse effect of the sun. Far from destroying human skin, the sun UV rays also fade and damage paint. With the high heat exposure, the rubber trims of your vehicle end up cracking. Some of the interior parts of your vehicle will also get damaged.

Other factors like dirt and grime will also cause paint damage. All this damage will be prevented by you covering your car. Ensure to buy a cover specified for your car.

Covering your car may not be easy as you think. You may waste your time to do it the wrong way and end up with problems. Let’s say you break the side mirror in the process. Here is a step guide on how to cover your car.

Remove the cover from bag

The first thing you have to do is to take out the covering of your car from its bag. It is important since if not noted you will have a rough time putting it back. You should be able to turn it into the same shape you found it so to place it back easily.

Always remember to store it in the bag so to protect it from wear and tear and things like dirt or water which may make it smell. The bag will also help in maintaining the cover cleanness when it has been washed. Dirty covers make painting and glasses of your car look dirty or fogged.

Determine the front and rear

Secondly, determine the front and rear of the car cover. You will find it stamped or sewn “Front”. Without the knowledge of the front or the rear, you will likely have a rough time.

The car cover is usually designed to easily fit your vehicle given the specifications. Turning the cover in opposite direction will make the hood and the trunk not fit the cover since they are of different sizes.

The space created for the side mirrors will also lack when the cover is turned.

Secure front bumper

The third step that you will take is to secure the area around the front bumper first. This is because of the side mirrors. Understanding that some covers come with a mirror pocket, it is essential to place the cover over them. This will guarantee a snug fit over the car.

You will then pull the cover gently over the vehicle and secure it below the rear bumper. The cover should always lie below the bumper.

Consider car antennae

The fourth step will now be concerning your car antenna. Can your antenna be removed or retracted? If yes, then you will be done. Your car will be tightly covered and protected from environmental dangers. You have to move to the next step when your antenna is not retractable or removable.


Step five will be marking the place where your antenna has made contact with the car. If your car has a patch that has an adhesive backing, place it at the spot you marked. It will coincide if the cover was installed and aligned properly.

Punch a hole

The next step will be to make a hole through the patch with a sharp object. Put the antenna through the hole careful not to bend or break it. You will then pull the cover over the car and you would have finished.

When it comes to removing it, you will also need to be careful. Start by releasing the cover from both the front and the rear bumper of your car. Fold the two sides you’ve just removed on the top of the vehicle. It will be approximately 2 feet wide.

From the front, fold the cover in three-foot folds from the front to the back. It prevents the cover from dragging over the vehicle. You will ultimately take the folded cover from the vehicle and place it in its bag, where it’s safe.

Final words

Car covers are the best when it comes to tightly protecting your car. They certainly give you the confidence of strolling around since your car will be stunning always. The above information will enable you to maintain them for a long time and hence protecting your car.