NASCAR is a fantastic sport, filled with adrenaline and loved all over America. Even more, the best pilots are considered celebrities and they remain in our hearts forever because they manage to offer us amazing moments of excitement and happiness.

But did you know that their passion for cars and speed extends way beyond the race track? Some pilots love cars so much that they went into RC vehicles and even support their local RC communities. The passion for RC also gives them the possibility to work on their cars and create fast beasts that no one can beat (just like in NASCAR).

Below I named two of the most famous NASCAR drivers that are into RC as well. So, if you want to know who of your racing heroes shares the same hobby you love, take a look below.

#1: Tony Stewart

Antony Wayne ‘Tony’ Stewart is a NASCAR professional driver and, among the many awards he got, he is a three-time Sprint Cup Series champion. Right now he owns his own NASCAR team, Stewart-Haas Racing, and the well-known RC company Custom Works (among others).

His career in racing started early as he grew up racing go karts. He won several important races as a kart driver which was an important boost for his career in the world of car racing. The cool part is that, while he spent time becoming a better race pilot, he also invested in his passion for RC cars. Today you can see lots of RC races where he drives against other well-known pilots and each video is a lot of fun to watch.

His company, Custom Works RC, follows the good NASCAR tradition and only sells car accessories, parts, and kits. These can be used to put together a pretty bad ass RC car or even improve one you already have.

Before I talk about the second great pilot who is into RC, I just want to make sure you know RC is more than just cars. I am talking about cars because these guys are NASCAR pilots, but you can also find boats and helicopters in all sorts of online stores, like the one here.

#2: Kyle Busch

The second name on our list is an active NASCAR driver and team owner. He proved his racing abilities from a very young age, and holds several records such as the second most all time wins in all three national touring series or the most race wins in a season.

Kyle Thomas RowdyBusch is also an RC passionate (he started when he was around 6 years old). Actually, his youth was mostly spent around RC racing (both classic and off-road styles) and he even worked at HobbyTown for a while where he extended his expertise.

According to a recent interview, he likes off-road trucks the most because they require more focus and advanced driving skills if you want to be the first at the finish line. You can find most of the models he races on the RC Rank website, but I also recommend making your own racing car using kits and parts. The experience is unique and you’ll learn everything there is to learn about RC cars!