The Philadelphia Eagles recently took out the prestigious Super Bowl Championship, solidifying their reputation as one of the NFL’s powerhouse teams. But how do the top dogs in the NFL compare to the best team in Rugby Union, the England Rugby team?

Though they’re totally different games, being the favorite contact sport of each country, they’re often compared to one another. Both their home stadiums are huge, with Lincoln Financial Field holding 69,176 and Twickenham Stadium at a capacity of 82,000, and their dedicated fan bases more than justify those huge numbers.

Each team has an average height of 6’2”, and both their tallest players, Will Beatty for the Eagles and Courtney Lawes for England Rugby, measure up to an impressive 6’6”. In terms of weight, the two teams differ quite a bit. The Eagles average 240lb and their heaviest player, Brandon Brooks is a brawny 332lb. England Rugby, who are often referred to as the Three Lions, weigh in substantially lighter with an average of 227lb with their heaviest player, Mako Vunipola sitting at 267lb, quite a bit less than Brooks.

The Three Lions’ lighter weight pool might aid their faster speed, with their speediest player, Jonny May, averaging 23.4mph compared to the Eagles Nelson Agholor who averages 21.9mph. The UK team have scored double the points in a single match than the USA team has, 134 is their highest point score of all time compared to Philly’s 64. They’ve also doubled in consecutive wins and touchdowns/tries, with the Three Lions landing 18 wins in a row and 20 tries compared to the Eagles’ 9 game winning streak and 10 touchdowns.

For something a little more fun, it would take 1,358 Bald Eagles to weigh the same amount as the entire Philly team, who come to 18,872lbs as a group. 3,886 bunches of red roses would even the scales on the Three Lions 10,214lbs, which seems like a lot of flowers to us. With all the information in the infographic from, we’ll leave it up to you to decide who the better team is.