A DeSean Jackson-Philadelphia Eagles is in the works, according to a recent social media post from the speedy wide receiver.

Jackson, who was drafted by the Eagles and played for the team from 2008-13, appears to miss the City of Brotherly Love. That, or he just really wants out of Tampa Bay.

Whatever the reason, D-Jax took to Instagram on Monday, and he bid Tampa Bay farewell — hinting at him leaving the team.  Eagles fans immediately went to use their PA lottery bonus code to place bets on the Eagles in anticipation of the trade.

Jackson would count for $10 million toward the team’s salary cap, so it’s looking like it would be mutually beneficial for the team to move him. His usage rate declines substantially with Jameis Winston under center, rather than Ryan Fitzpatrick, so he wants to go somewhere where he can make plays. The team reportedly hasn’t found any takers yet, though.

Philadelphia or Los Angeles (Rams) were potential landing spots, as Jackson stated that he’d like to play there a few weeks ago.

DeSean Jackson is headed back to the Eagles, where he started his career, and quarterback Carson Wentz appears pretty happy about it.

Jackson was drafted by the Eagles, and played for the team from 2008-13, before departing for the division rival Redskins. He was then shipped to Tampa Bay, but it never really worked out there, as Jameis Winston just didn’t target him much at all. Ryan Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, made sweet magic with Jackson, and the two really thrived off each other, but Jackson was rendered invisible with Winston under center, and he’s the team’s quarterback for at least the 2019 season.

As such, it made sense that the Bucs elected to trade Jackson back to the Eagles on Monday. D-Jack even stated that Philly was his preferred trade destination, and bid farewell to the Bucs on Instagram, so it appears he got his wish.

Wentz reacted to the trade with this funny tweet.

It appears Wentz is happy to have a vertical threat to throw to, an important asset the team lacked last season.