The online betting market is absolutely on fire at the moment and there are a huge amount of bookies which you can choose from in order to carry out your sports bets. Of course, each of these sites has their own benefits and disadvantages but the key is to find the right betting site for you, based on your requirements. There are al kinds of details which you should be on the look out for, details which make the whole process of gambling much more fun, and far more efficient. In terms of looking for the best betting site, here are some of the features which you should be looking for.

In-Play/ Cashing Out

One of my favourite, and most profitable features on betting sites is the chance to bet in-play, as the game is taking place. I love this because you can really get a feel for the game before you place any bets. Another feature which I love, a feature which those that offer in-play betting also offer, is the chance to cash your bet out. If you haven’t heard of cash out, it is basically an opportunity for you to take a lower amount of winnings, depending on how your bets are panning out, perfect if it is 1-0 to the team you backed, entering into the last very minutes. Not all companies offer this, so be sure to watch out for that.

Best Odds

The best odds could be the difference between you winning £100 or £120 on a £5 accumulator, it may not seem like much but it all helps. Before selecting your betting company, study their odds and cross reference them with another site to see how they stack up.

The Site

The website itself in terms of how easy it is to understand and to use, is a key part of selecting the right betting company. I like to be able to find my bet of choice at speed, and not have to work out a complex puzzle to find it, equally, I like to be able to see the different ways the odds on betting sites are displayed such as between fractions and decimals. Keep an eye out for these little details before selecting your betting site.

Mobile Use

A real deal breaker for me is if the betting company does not support mobile gambling, or if they do  not have a movie app that I can use. I love to bet on the go and in my opinion, a mobile site is nowhere near as good as an application on your mobile device. An app makes betting so simple and it should be easy to use, pretty to look at and fully functional with no lags or glitches. If you want the best betting experience, pick a company that offers mobile gambling.

What features do you look for in a gambling site?