We are just a few hours away from the NFL season to kick off on September 6th at 10:15 AM AEST.

In the wake of the anticipation, ESPN and NFL have concocted a partnership in order to provide almost daily transmissions to Aussie spectators without any hassle required from them.

Representatives of the NFL mentioned that since the sport is starting to gather quite a lot of prominent Australians, spectators and fans have been piling on over from Oceania. Considering the time difference between the two countries, it becomes harder and harder for the fans to watch the games live and truly support their players in the heat of the moment.

In order to somehow combat this issue, the ESPN and NFL will feature a tailor-made LIVE broadcast of every game for both Australian and Kiwi fans.

Furthermore, the partnership entails a TV program SportsCentre Australia, where Phil Murphy, Trevor Scales, and Mark Brown will discuss the most important highlights of every game, provide analysis for future matchups and discuss the overall performance of the dominating teams of this season.

Naturally, there is very much to look forward to, which gives these three hosts quite a lot to chat about.

According to representatives of Aussie online pokies operators and betting websites, the spectators who like to “spice” up their game experience will have quite a lot to learn from the new TV special.

“All three of the TV hosts are absolutely crucial for analysis and highlights before, during and after the games. It provides the spectators with the data they require to place smart bets in the long run.

We don’t shy away from speaking about local bettors, because it’s nearly become a tradition for Aussies. Whenever there’s a game, at least 50-60% of the spectators have placed bets in the hopes of becoming rich off of their favorite teams. And to be honest, the win ratio with sports bets is much better with any other forms of gaming in this country”.

The season will start once the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears go head to head on Friday. Most analysts believe that the first match is not likely to have a large spectating crowd from Australia as they get adjusted to the transmission, but as the season progresses, more and more Aussies and Kiwis are going to start switching to ESPN’s LIVE broadcasting while also listening to the three analysts mentioned before.