Many of us grow up wanting to play professional sports. We want nothing more than to spend time doing the thing we love most. Unfortunately, life often has other plans.

Only a very select few get to work in the sports industry. For the rest of us, we have to catch glimpses of the world we love so much, and simply turning on the TV when the game comes on isn’t enough.

It doesn’t matter if you love America’s favorite sport—football—or if you enjoy a less popular sport, like bowling, there are creative ways you can spend more time enjoying all the sports you love.


It wasn’t that long ago that you could only bet on racing at the casino. That is no longer the case. The U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a law that banned sports betting in most of the country. That means betting is open on the floor of the casino for a wide variety of sports.

It can be a fun way to enjoy the game. Especially if you have a knack for picking winning teams.

It’s also fun because the environment is a lot different than any other kind of sports-related atmosphere you would experience anywhere else. You get to see a wall of sports on television, and you’ll be surrounded by others who are as passionate about sports as you are.


Driving to see the closest national team is an experience you won’t ever forget. Unfortunately, that can mean spending many hours in the car, and tickets can be expensive. It’s not something you can do all the time.

Instead, become a fan of a smaller local team. From basketball to hockey and indoor football, there is surely a team with regular games you can enjoy many times during the season instead of sinking your savings into tickets and spending most of your time on the road.

Buy St Kilda Saints tickets online if you’re a fan of Australian Rules Football. Attending these matches provides an opportunity to connect with fellow fans and meet the players, share the highs and lows of the game, and celebrate victories together. Additionally, supporting smaller teams often means more affordable ticket prices, allowing you to attend games regularly without straining your budget.


If you’re a parent, you may already spend time at your kids’ games. You know how intense the atmosphere can be, especially when other parents are really into the game! If you love sports, why not attend a few other games too?

Going to your child’s games is a no-brainer, but you should also consider attending other games. For example, if you have a child who plays volleyball, go to their games, but if you love basketball, you can go to those games as well.

You don’t have to have a child in sports either! Go to support a friend or family member’s child, or simply go to cheer on the young athletes that live in your neighborhood!

You can also help fundraise for the school sports team by organizing creative events such as a Sports-A-Thon, Community Fun Day, or carnival. Other strategies include selling merchandise, partnering with restaurants, utilizing online crowdfunding, and hosting a silent auction.

Moreover, you can collaborate with fitness instructors and seek alumni and corporate sponsorships. Involving the community in planning and execution is crucial, emphasizing clear communication about the fundraising purpose and its benefits for the school sports team.


Watching sports is always a lot of fun, but nothing compares to playing a sport. If your idea of enjoying the sport of your choice involves actively engaging with the ball, you can join a local intramural sports team.

Many intramural sports are found on college campuses, but there are other options for adults who aren’t attending college. Many communities also have various intramural sports teams to choose from.

Search local community centers and adult education programs to see if there’s a team you’re interested in joining. You may also be able to find a nearby sports complex that schedules amateur games, as well as restaurants with sports programs. For example, some restaurants have bowling alleys, and others have volleyball courts that are very active during the summer months.

Consider joining a sports league or team through community centers or adult education programs to actively participate in the games. Stay connected with local sports communities through social media, community bulletin boards, or sports-related websites to stay updated on upcoming events, leagues, and opportunities to engage with other sports fans. Whether you choose to actively participate or cheer from the sidelines, immersing yourself in these local sports activities can enhance your enjoyment as a sports fan.


Sometimes, there isn’t anything you can do but to watch your favorite team at home. Watching alone is better than nothing, but you will find you enjoy yourself even more if you invite people over for the big game!

It’s fun to celebrate wins with your family and friends, and it can be a lot of fun to play host so your loved ones want to return to your house to see the game again and again.

A few tips for throwing a great game day party include:

  • Offer a few seasonal drink options
  • Choose appetizers that are easy and simple to make
  • Cook large meals in advance
  • Get attendees into the game with friendly betting

Don’t think the only way you can enjoy sports is to sit at home alone and watch the game. There are many different ways you can get involved with the sports of your choice all year long.