Tennis is a sport in which people often neglect to buy quality equipment, but if you pay attention to players who are serious about tennis, you will notice that they always have the right sneakers with them.

Do you need a pair of sneakers just for tennis? In short, the answer to this question is YES! First and foremost, tennis shoes will determine how comfortable you will be on the court. If your sneakers continuously distract you from the match, then your performance will pay the price.

A tennis match can last quite a long time. It takes enormous amounts of endurance to be able to compete in a match in multiple sets. Your sneakers will affect the length of time you can spend on the field.

Purchasing a reliable pair of tennis shoes will ensure that you do not get preventable injuries, and at the same time, you will be able to play the best you can. Find out what things you need to pay attention to when choosing sneakers for tennis.

Sole Must Be Flexible

When choosing the best sneakers for tennis, you must pay attention to the fact that the middle part of the sole, located between the heel and the toe, is soft enough. This contributes to the best damping when jumping and protects the leg from damage during sudden movements.

The sole as a whole should be flexible enough and resistant to wear. In this case, the heel is, as a rule, slightly thicker than the middle, which is done to improve the stabilization of the feet while playing.

There should be a cushioning pad in the heel area that creates complete comfort and protects the foot when playing. Also, the lower part of the sole must have a specific design and not be like regular sneakers.

There are usually quite a few different patterns. The best thing would be to be a zig-zag. This prevents the feet from sliding over the surface, and the soil adheres to the forearm.

Material Is Important

Because of the large number of sneakers available in stores, people often overlook certain crucial things. One of those things is the type of material. The most common materials used in the production of sneakers are canvas, leather, and vinyl.

The canvas is great in terms of breathability but not the best in terms of support. On the other hand, leather is excellent for support. As for vinyl, it’s solid support, but a lack of breathability can cause rapid leg fatigue.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages, most of the best tennis sneakers are indeed made combining all these materials. This means you will get the support provided by vinyl and leather, while the canvas will provide breathability.

However, keep in mind that different tennis sneakers will have different proportions of these materials to satisfy different needs.

Choose proper size

When it comes to sports, the equipment you use as clothing and footwear must match your size. So it is with tennis shoes. In order to be as safe and agile as possible while playing, your sneakers must be the size that suits you.

This means that you must not allow your sneakers to be bigger than your foot is. That way, during a match that lasts a long time, you may run out of sneakers. Your foot sweats and starts to slip in your sneakers, and this can cause the worst nightmare on the tennis court.

At the same time, the sneakers must not be too tight. If you buy sneakers that will squeeze your foot, you will not feel comfortable in them while running on the court. It can cause a lot of problems, and you won’t be focused on the game.

Lateral support is essential!

The fastest tennis is played on artificial grass. What is positive about the grass surface is that it acts as a natural shock absorber, so you can give up a little comfort when it comes to sneakers.

However, lateral support is something you need to pay attention to due to the high speed of playing on the grass. As with natural grass, artificial grass is softer than tennis courts with concrete and slag.

With concrete and slag, it is crucial that you have a firm tread and that your sneakers are stable in every way. When choosing tennis sneakers for the grass, one of the most important items is that their side support is strong enough so that you don’t twist joints while playing.


Every sport and practice means that your shoes are comfortable and functional to protect yourself from various injuries. At the same time, comfort is vital to all of us so that we can be on the court and play our match with better quality.

After all, tennis is a divine sport, so why not feel that way in a pair of your sneakers.