The laws behind gambling and when you play slots can often be a little bit confusing – different countries have different laws, but what are the rules of gambling and slots in the UK? This is a great question as it’s always important to keep things above board. Read on to find out! We’re going to be taking a look at:

          The legality of slots and gambling in the UK

          The regulatory boards in the UK

          Rules and regulations on online casino games in the UK

So, is gambling and slots legal in the UK?

We’re pleased to announce that the answer to this question is a big fat yes! The UK has amazingly progressive gambling laws in comparison to many countries out there, and both land-based and online casinos are completely legal. Best of all, the country has its own set of gambling regulations set by the British Gambling Commission which ensures that your slots experiences aren’t just legal but also safe, fair, and fun. It’s pretty difficult to come across an illegal slot site in the UK, but you can always ensure that it is legit by checking that it’s regulated by the British Gambling Commission. Just check out that boring small print at the bottom of any online slots site and you’ll be able to check that this is the case. So, what sort of regulations does the BGC put into place to keep the experience safe and fun? Let’s take a look.

Gambling Regulations in the UK

Whilst rules and regulations may sound boring, they’re actually really cool. The main reason for this is that they prevent things from being unsafe and unfair, and that is super important when it comes to online gambling. The British Gambling Commission have a succinct set of rules that every online and land-based casino that ensure all of our favourite slot games are legit, and there are honestly too many to mention. However, let’s take a look at some of the most important examples:

          Online slots and gambling sites must never encourage users to chase their winnings

          Gambling sites must provide money management and harm reduction tools (for example the ability to set maximum deposit amounts within a given timeframe

          There must not be graphics or sounds that deceive a player into thinking that they have won when they have not

These are just three of the existing regulations, and as you can see, they are pretty fair. However, there are more laws coming soon – believe it or not, auto spin will actually be banned by 2022, and each individual spin will have to last for at least 2.5 seconds. Fair enough!

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have cleared the air about gambling and slots laws in the UK. These games are 100% legal in the country, which is always great to know, but there are regulations put in place to ensure the games are fair. In our books, regulations are always a good thing – they’re there to stop us getting carried away, to keep the experience fair, and to optimise our fun. Brilliant!