For most sports betting is nothing more than an entertaining hobby. If a few hundred bucks are won here and there, it’s a good month, not to mention a whole heap of fun. But for those that take the game seriously betting on sports is a whole different story. The reality is that a well-placed bet can turn a few thousand into a few million. It rarely ever happens, but when it does the achievement often makes news headlines.

Here are some of the biggest wins in history, some of which are beyond belief.

Vegas Dave And The 30/1 Mind Blower

Dave “Vegas Dave” Oancea is the sort of eccentric character most don’t know what to think of. He’s loud, dresses in cringe worthy outfits, and can’t stop running off his mouth about how successful he is. It would be easy to dismiss him as an attention seeking braggart, if it weren’t for the fact that he often wins. Really big.

Perhaps his most well-known and publicised win involved a bet on the Kansas City Royals. The odds of the team winning the World Series sat at 30/1, but Vegas Dave smelled an opportunity. He was forced to manually travel to 15 different casinos, registering a small bet at each. This due to the fact that the sportsbooks weren’t interest in humouring him. Even if he is the “prestigious” Vegas Dave.

The bottom line is that the Kansas City Royals won. Dave took home $2.5 million.

The Tiger Woods Miracle

This one is pretty well known, not in the least due to the absurdity of the story. A brave bettor named James Adducci put virtually every penny he had on Tiger Woods. Not a big gamble, you might be thinking, Tiger Woods is a golfing savant. Well, the story takes place in 2019, meaning that the legendary golfer was no longer at the top of his game. In fact the odds of him winning sat at a nerve-racking 14/1.

What makes the story so crazy is that this was not only the first time Adducci had ever made a wager, according to him, but he also reportedly put up his house in order to raise the $85,000 money. The finer details of the story do get a little hairy, mostly in regards to Adducci’s personal life. But the fact of the matter is that he won $1.2 million and you too can win big if you play at Crypto Thrills Casino.

The One That Defies Belief

Last, we have the sports betting story that really puts it all into perspective. Going back to 2015, Leicester City weren’t exactly at the top of their game. They had been performing so poorly, and were dealing with so much internal conflict, that the team had odds of 5000/1 to win the Premier League.

Only a fool would put a bet of £100 on them to win. That fool is named Leigh Herbert, and he is now £200,000 richer. How Leicester City pulled off the win is something that will baffle sports fanatics probably until the end of time.