Betting on the NBA has become one of the more popular pastimes in recent years. There is a thriving and growing betting industry that has become an important part of the NBA season every year, and it’s part of the reason that so many people tend to watch the games. 

There is always good money to be made by betting on official NBA games, which receive excellent coverage by bookmakers. Along with this, bettors can expect to choose from a range of various bets designed to provide them with the best odds on the market. Here we will look at some of the most common NBA bets and why all bettors, regardless of experience, should give them a try. 

1. Team Totals

A team total is an extremely common bet and the kind that a bettor would not have any trouble finding in a betting menu. The premise of the wager is as simple as possible: money is placed on the prediction of how many points a specific team will earn by the time that a match comes to an end. 

It isn’t the friendliest bet around for beginners, but it remains a stable within the industry, and should be attempted by anyone that has some experience and wants to increase their risk and reward. It’s important to have a working knowledge of the teams that are going to play, including their past performances and what kind of averages they generally land up with at the end of a season. 

2. First Scorers

Another popular wager is the first scorer, which is simple to follow and implement, and while the odds for this kind of bet are not particularly high, it does offer a safe middle ground in terms of risk, and makes for an exciting wager to take out on a whim. Here, the bet is successful if the chosen team does, in fact, make the first score of the match. It can vary somewhat depending on the bookie, but the fundamentals of this kind of bet remain the same, meaning that it’s easy to take it out when putting down money on other games. 

3. Player Prop Bets

Prop bets can be found on offer for just about any major sport, but they are particularly fun in the NBA due to the high skill that’s often displayed by the teams that are playing. A player prop bet can be broken down into a series of actions that are undertaken by players, including assists, rebounds, total points, and more. 

Prop bets are generally not quite as serious as many of the others, and are designed to add a bit of flare to a wagering menu that a bettor has grown bored with, and if they want a break from sports betting, it might be worth checking out the newest ZAR Casino no deposit bonus codes. 

4. First 20 Points

This is similar in many ways to the first scorer bet, but instead of wagering on the first score of the game, it instead focuses on the team that will achieve 20 points before the other. It doesn’t have great odds due to it being safer than a lot of other wagers, but it’s a great place to start for the inexperienced bettor wanting to learn more.