Are you interested in esports betting and looking for the best online betting app to bet on your favorite gamers? Do you enjoy watching esports live? Well, if you are into betting, then one of the betting tips is to get to know the basic information first. It is helpful to know more about the players in esports, their histories, and strategies. However, if you are not looking to use any betting bonus offers on the apps and sites, and you are simply interested in the list of the highest-paid esports players in Australia, then this article might be helpful as well.

The publicity is only one of the major reasons for this boom in esports’ popularity and a general increase in the acceptance of gaming. Some statistics have calculated that up to 2021, the esports industry will reach an audience of approximately 557 million, up from 293 million in 2016. In addition, while the 2020 pandemic has a significant effect on sports all across the world, sports continue to flourish as their popularity, distance skills, and accessibility increase.

Australia is home to big Esports tournaments like the Melbourne Esports Open and more recent Intel Extreme Masters, and Australia’s export players profit from this upswing. In terms of money alone, Australian sportsmen (most of whom are only in their 20s) are reporting career profits of millions – before their club pays salaries, victory bonuses, sponsors, advertising and support money, and in many instances streaming revenue.

Here is the list of Australian esports players who went through the sport, crushed it, and took a position among the greatest when it comes to prize money.

1. Anathan “ana” Pham – $8.5 million AUD

Anathan Pham, known as ana, is not just Australia’s top player, but also the third-highest profitable esports player ever, at just 21 years of age. He is also the most profitable Australian esports player of all time. Ana’s overwhelming Dota 2 shows (just 24 events) won him some big prize money, known for his unremitting and unrelenting play style.

Ana opted to go on an esports career at the age of 16 and drop out of school and go around the world – from Melbourne to Shanghai.

2. Damien “KPii” Chok – $2.5 million AUD

Damien “KPii” Chok is another player in Australia’s Dota 2 who earns a lot when it comes to prize money. He plays for TNC Predator – KPii is only lagging Australian opponent in earnings, but he is a few years ahead of the team (and 43 tournaments), with his first noteworthy triumph in late 2014.

This experience gift and the first step in this field has made KPii the first Australian esports player to surpass $100,000 of prize cash. He became the first Aussie esports millionaire in the country thereafter.

3. Justin “JKS” Savage – $304.950 AUD

Justin ‘JKS’ Savage, born in 1995, with professional gaming experience at the age of fourteen was the 3rd highest earned Australian esports player. In contrast to most on this group playing Dota 2, JKS is a (very talented) Counter-Strike (CS: GO) player.

In 2010, CS: GO was launched during the inaugural ‘Counter Strike’ match with ‘Team Exile5’ and JKS was ready to master it. By 2014, he was the finest and took the opportunity to join the ‘Vox Eminor’ Australian elite squad.

Following the success of his squad in 2019, JKS won a position in the Top 20 Years List of HLTV players and came in 15 – the first time an Australian player has put it on that list.

4. Aaron “AZR” Ward – $304.800 AUD

Once upon the AZR’s debut into the sports world, ESL claimed to have begun his counter strike profession owing to a hurt he suffered in the battle against a wombat at age 16, with some fun, yet improbable anecdotes surrounding his career.

Before AZR moved to the Renegades while beginning his career with Vox Eminor (the same team progression as JKS).

AZR’s earnings put him very close to third place, behind JKS in prize money of just $150 AUD.

5. Denholm “Denz” Taylor – $236.240 AUD

In 5th place, Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor is the final player in Australian esports. Denz has succeeded as a Call of Duty (CoD), professional player, in surprise to many gamers to reach the fifth-highest incoming Australian esports player position.

Denz has been active as a professional game player since 2014 and has been playing professionally in a Call of Duty series for eight games – most recently, Denz’s newest CoD game was a success. Call of Duty: Warzone.

Denz has earned AUD $ 236,240 in 41 events and is ranked 859 in the international esports scene.