(Image from eufa.com)

It has been an exciting month of June for sports fans and punters alike with a number of big events taking place, the recent conclusion to the French Open which will quickly be followed by Wimbledon and the Olympics for Tennis, the ongoing Royal Ascot for horse racing fans with wagers available at https://bet-ny.com/horse-racing, and of course the ongoing Euro 2020 competition which had been postponed until now but still holds on to the 2020 moniker. With all of the opening games of the group having been played, the Euro competition is certainly looking to be exciting, but how are the teams stacking up? 

Belgium are holding the top spot

After going 3-0 in their opening game, and toughest game of the group against Russia, they’re certainly looking to carry the momentum through against Finland next after having beat Denmark 2-1 and securing six points so far in their group – Lukaku opened with two goals in the opening game but didn’t manage to net any in the second game but will certainly look to continue being a star player. As a shoe in to make it to the final sixteen, Belgium will likely remain as the betting favourites to take the whole thing for now with such strong opening performances.

France are sitting as fourth favourites for now

The current holders of the world cup looked strong in their opening game against Germany, but with only a 1-0 win to open the tournament they certainly could have looked better. It’s almost guaranteed that they’ll reach the knockout stages with their second game against Hungary looking almost certainly a victory, but with their final game against Portugal who are also looking very strong it’s not a certainty that France will walk away with all nine points in their group, which takes them down a peg slightly when compared to Belgium.


A similar story to the others in the list, opening with a 1-0 victory against Croatia who ended their world cup bid back in 2018 and certainly a good start. Also being the hardest game in their group, England could be yet another team to walk away with all nine points in their group to secure a very strong space in the knockout rounds – with one of the strongest squads including those warming the bench being stronger than others this tournament, it could be crucial going into the tougher games, and although not the favourites to win the entire tournament they will certainly have a lot of followers and fans hoping to do well.

The games will continue throughout June and into the start of July so there is plenty left to watch, with many more exciting games, and the potential for a big change in the way the rankings currently sit.