The 2020 NFL campaign continues to go a long way until today. It is now on its Week 10 Playoffs, and it seems that the teams who initially showed an impressive performance from the opening day continue to do better now. These teams are mostly composed of underdogs who will likely advance in the league playoffs soon.

While the Divisional Playoffs are not yet announced (but usually occur every January), the race to whoever competes in this round becomes tighter. The Divisional Playoffs is usually the second round, where six teams from each conference will wrestle. The four groups are the winners of each division, while the other two are the wildcard picks.

As this year’s NFL campaign inches a little closer to the second round, here are the current picks of each division that gained the most wins. Also, these groups are on their way to earning a sure berth to the Divisional rounds.

Buffalo Bills – AFC East

Currently holding seven wins and two losses, the Bills this year have a good time in the AFC East. They recently defeated the Seattle Seahawks in Week 9, and they’re up to face the Cardinals in the next few days. Once they successfully defeat the Cardinals, the Bills will represent the AFC East with full pride.

Kansas City Chiefs – AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs remain tough this season as they defend their current Super Bowl LIV title. They tallied eight wins and one loss since the opening day and will surely advance to the second round if they win more in the upcoming games. All teams are looking out to dispatch the Chiefs because they remained solid and have a greater chance to win a back-to-back title.

Pittsburgh Steelers – AFC North

Nov 15, 2020; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Chukwuma Okorafor (76) congratulates wide receiver Chase Claypool (11) on his touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Steelers won 36-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are last seen in the 2017 league playoffs. After a two-year drought, it seems that the stars are aligning to be in their favor this season. The Steelers have gained eight wins in the AFC as of today and remain undefeated. In Week 10, they will compete against the Cincinnati Bengals, which might be an easy challenge for them.

Tennessee Titans – AFC South

Although the Titans were not consistent about their performances since the beginning of the season, they are most likely to represent the AFC South in the second round. In Week 9, they outlasted the Bears, which made them earn six wins and two losses. In the next few days, they will fight the Colts, which is the second-best team in the AFC South.

Philadelphia Eagles – NFC East

The Philadelphia Eagles have successfully won their last match against the Dallas Cowboys. With this, they rank first in the NFC East, having three wins and four losses. In their next game, they will challenge the Giants. If they overcome this group, their chance to represent the NFC East in the second round is as clear as the blue sky.

Seattle Seahawks – NFC West

The Seattle Seahawks last year was a huge underdog who almost got a spot in the semis. Today, they are back to lead the NFC West in 6 wins and two losses. Although they lost to the Bills in Week 9, they are looking forward to turning down the Rams in Week 10 to maintain their rank in the said division.

Green Bay Packers – NFC North

The Packers are back as the current top seed for the NFC North. After dispatching the San Francisco 49ers in Week 9, they currently have six wins and two losses. Last season, the Packers entered the NFL via Wildcard pick. Today, the path has changed for this team, and they might get a spot in the second round as the main representative of NFC North.

New Orleans Saints – NFC South

The New Orleans Saints completes the list of teams that might earn a sure spot in this year’s NFL Divisional Playoffs. They also got six wins and two losses, which makes this year’s host, the Bucs, a step behind them. The Saints will face the 49ers in Week 10, and if they win, they would indeed take the top seed in the NFC South.


The race to the NFL Divisional Rounds is getting tighter. As stated, this football tournament is on its Week 10 Playoffs, with seven more weeks remaining before the second round takes place. The Divisional Round is a significant pace of the league because it’s a tough round that will determine who will advance to the quarterfinals.

Hence, there is no room to slack-off for every team representing their divisions. The teams mentioned above currently lead the race to the second round but might change if they fail to sustain winning matches until Week 17. Make sure to get updated with these teams to identify who deserves the Super Bowl LV trophy this season.