Anyone who took up basic biology knows that testosterone is what makes a man what he is. Heck, even the word testosterone is manly as any word in the dictionary. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for your deep voice, body and facial hair, growth of your genitals, the production of sperm, and basically every awkward thing that happens during puberty. So, although technically, being a man does not necessarily require one to have high levels of testosterone, it might be best to have one in doses.

So, what happens if your testosterone levels do dip? Does this mean the end of your life as a bachelor and start worrying about the suddenly becoming smooth down there? Well, the quick answer is no and you would be surprised to know that men will inevitably have a drop in testosterone levels as they age. Here in TRT San Diego, we will try to answer questions regarding testosterone and a specific condition where men require to have a testosterone replacement therapy.

Age and TRT San Diego

Another reason why getting old sucks is because we have to deal with a lot of shifting hormones. As a man, it can be quite a pain but, as anyone who has had a wife or a mother that went through menopause, they can tell you that the ladies have it so much worse. When talking about the normal decline in testosterone levels, the magic number is 40. Beginning at that age, at least a percent in testosterone production will deplete each year. Given those numbers, I’m sure you would be able to figure out how testosterone production would be hit as you reach your 50s and 60s. If you ever wonder why older men seem to care less about sex compared to the hound dogs that they were when they were in their teens, then look for no reason further.

The toll on your sex life is bad enough but unfortunately there are other aspects in a man’s life that will be affected once testosterone levels lower. For instance, research shows that the condition correlates directly to the muscle mass and bone density, which in turn then affects physical fitness and energy, and can be a precursor to anemia. Estimates suggest that around 6 million Americans suffer from lower than what is considered normal testosterone levels in their age bracket. And these are only numbers coming from those that the medical institutions had actual data in thus it is presumed that the number could be so much more than that.

TRT San Diego – The Therapy You Do not Know You Needed

There have been a lot of studies in the field of testosterone therapy that offer positive with respect to curing, or alleviating, the conditions of some known conditions. Apart from improving libido and sperm counts, the effects can be far-reaching like improving one’s disposition, demeanor and overall vitality. It has long been suspected that supplanting deficiency in testosterone can reverse the effects of low testosterone levels. However, the study is still open and there are still a lot of grey areas that have to be covered to provide reliable medical conclusions.

Another aspect in the testosterone study that deserves much attention is the possible link between the lack thereof and prostate cancer. There are a few prominent medical doctors in the field that frequently hint at the possibility that there treating one could help in the prevention of the other.

TRT San Diego Explains the Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Granted that you have sifted through the article and reached this point then you are probably wondering if you yourself are having trouble regarding the subject matter. In other words, you want to know if you have a deficiency in testosterone. The quickest and surest way to determine that is to go to a clinic and let the doctors run tests on you. However, if you do not have the time and would rather trust your amateur self-diagnostic skills, then you can probably come up with a better than good enough guess.

You might have already guessed the most common symptom that patients come forward with when they are considering assessing their testosterone levels. Impotence or erectile dysfunction affects a significant portion of the American population. As testosterone is the hormone that regulates sexual drive, the lack thereof is often blamed as the prime reason for erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms that could point to lower levels of testosterone include depression, lack of energy, a loss of self-confidence or becoming more self-conscious, irritability, and others. Usually, it takes a while for men to seek help regarding the matter and by then, the treatment would have become more complicated.

TRT San Diego Identifies the Myths and the Facts of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

So, is testosterone replacement therapy able to help with your marital problems in the bedroom? The answer is not a resounding yes but strong enough for you to seriously consider it. Impotence has a lot of possible causes and a low testosterone level is just one of them. If, for instance, your erectile dysfunction is caused by testosterone deficiency, then there is a huge chance that your ED will be cured. 

It is a fact that there could be unintended consequences or side effects for when someone undergoes testosterone replacement therapy. One of the main ones is difficulty in sleeping which is directly resulting from the increased energy levels due to the replenished testosterone levels. Not everyone would have the same side effect however as a majority have reported no changes in their sleeping habits during and after the therapy. Other side effects may include heart congestion and elevated red blood cell levels. These are normal considering that testosterone as a hormone can directly trigger the red blood cell creation. Finally, urinary frequency can be disrupted after undergoing the therapy.

There are a few different ways for one to undergo the therapy but what is often used and recommended is through a skin patch.