Among the most importance factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker is the payment methods and instruments available to account holders. A more important consideration in this aspect is your preference for the available payment methods at your chosen betting site. Every betting site and every casino website has its payment methods with which the players can deposit funds into their online accounts and wallets. These payment methods would also include channels with which profit and money earned while betting can be withdrawn to players preferred destination.


PayPal is a popular electronic payment solution that has played quite a significant role in cross-border transaction, and business transaction generally. It allows for flexibility and make payments on the web relatively convenient and much faster compared to the conventional banking method. For those familiar with FinTech, PayPal is quite a spotlight. Its application has gone much wider that it has become useful and applicable in and facilitate diverse aspect of economic and business activities. One of those aspects is its significant role as a payment method for online players. Although not all, but many betting sites have started to include PayPal in their available payment options for players to choose from. With this option, players can fund their wallets and accounts at online PayPal betting sites with funds from their PayPal account. 

Bank Transfer

Long before FinTech came with its various breakthrough and payment solutions solving people’s problem of transacting within and beyond country boundaries, there has always been the traditional banking system. This is very simple and straightforward. Majority, if not all, online gambling sites would have the bank transfer in their available payment methods for players. With this option, players can initial a wire transfer from the “traditional” bank accounts, send money to and withdraw funds from their gambling account, straight to their bank account. The question then remains that which one of these two payment methods is best for online betting?

PayPal vs. Bank Transfer: Which is best for online betting?

Without mincing words, the fact speaks for itself. PayPal payment method continues to be the more preferred option over bank transfer for more and more online casino players and betting and gambling enthusiasts, not just in India but all around the world. This has ushered in the era of PayPal betting in India. There are several advantages that PayPal has over Bank Transfer payment methods in the world of online gaming. It cannot be said that PayPal is the best payment method available for players to fund their online gambling wallet or to withdraw their online account balance into. But players have quite a lot to gain and benefit when they opt for PayPal payment method over Bank Transfer. Either to fund their online betting account or for withdrawal from it.

In terms of speed of transactions, safety and security in terms of having more control over your money, infrastructural flexibility, easy management of funds, among many other factors, PayPal wins the trophy from Bank Transfer. It can also be argued that bureaucratic red-tapes and due-process protocols that makes transactions, especially international ones, to be relatively difficult for fund owners are less encountered when using PayPal for your online gambling compared to Bank Transfer.

It is for these reasons that some online gambling sites in India have focus their attention give giving the best experience for players who prefer to use the PayPal payment method over the Bank Transfer method.