When asked to name a sport that is great for health, sports like running, boxing or swimming likely jump to mind. Sweaty, fast-paced workouts are often seen as the key to reap fitness rewards. 

For many, golf would not be the first sport that is named and despite its popularity, a leisurely weekend afternoon spent cruising around the green is not often associated with exercise goals.  

Regardless of whether you are a professional putter or your handicap leaves much to be desired, there are many health benefits gained from a game of golf.  


Ditch the golf cart and get walking to improve your cardiovascular fitness. The length of an average golf course is 6km, so there is plenty of distance to cover and many calories to burn in the process. 

Walking from hole to hole and chasing your ball around the course means your steps can quickly mount up, especially if you are a rookie golfer hitting it all over the place. Add in the weight of carrying your golf bag around the course and you have a solid workout. 

Mastering the motion of a golf swing can seem tricky at first, as you learn to contort your body to drive the ball down the course. However, like any sport, it takes practice to strengthen the required muscles and become confident with the movements. In addition, your hand-eye coordination and balance may quickly improve. 


Golf is not only good for physical wellbeing but mental wellbeing too, as it can train your brain and strengthen your focus. 

A key part of success is avoiding distraction to ensure you can concentrate on the important stuff – such as balance, power and control of your shot. It can be challenging to maintain consistent focus throughout a long game, and this is something that even champion golfers will continue to refine.  

For those who are more highly-strung, golf can also be a great lesson in patience. Hitting rogue balls can fuel frustration for many. However, as you practice and progress, you will learn to release tension and remain calm to concentrate on your swing.  

Golf is fueled by ambition, and perfecting your game certainly won’t happen overnight. A common trait of keen golfers is a willingness to focus time and energy into improving their handicap. Investing this focus in the game can, in turn, enhance other areas of your life, such increasing focus to tackle tough tasks at work. 


Rather than being cooped up indoors or inside a sweaty gym, golf allows the chance to get out and about in the sunshine. Soaking up the natural surroundings of the golf green and embracing the fresh air can instantly dissolve stresses of the daily grind. 

Whilst golf is a great solo sport, the real fun comes when you can play with friends. Catching up on the weekend over 18 holes will allow plenty of time to chat and enjoy great banter in an open environment. Playing a game of golf with business connections can also be a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level. 

Another thing that really brings golfers together is the fascination of golf gear and equipment. Golfers can spend hours browsing products or reading reviews, such as those over at pineclubgolf.com, in order to satisfy the urge to equip themselves with the very best golf products and clubs.

The temptation of new challenges often encourages avid golfers to explore new courses. With this comes the opportunity to travel, whether it is for a weekend away or a longer holiday to visit a renowned international golf course. A game of golf coupled with the chance to adventure, relax and unwind, makes the ideal combination of fitness and fun.