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Let’s Move to the main topic, so you guys are here to learn increasing vertical Jump right?

A majestic vertical jump is a ultimate standard for a player to possess in NBA. It helps the player in improving his game and help team with his jump shots. High vertical jumps provide more rebounds, dunks and impressive defense that leads the team to win. 

The ability of players jumping high vertically not only increase the win percentage but also diverts the audience. Most of the NBA players have vertical jumps ranging from 28-inch to 34-inch. The proficiency in vertical jumps can intensify the player’s explosiveness.

The question arises, “If it’s possible to increase your potential to jump high vertically?

 Yes! it’s possible. 

There are variety of strength training programs to improve vertical jumps. Plyometrics exercises work great in strengthening the muscles to help increase the vertical jumps. Plyometrics exercises are power exercises that require strength and quick moving. Plyometrics contain drills like hopping, jumping and bounding that help improve power, strength and explosiveness.

Along with plyometrics, there are some other exercises mentioned below that can enhance power and strength to improve vertical jump.


Plyometric  exercises help developing strength to increase explosiveness. Plyometric exercises include plyo lunges, bounding, frog jumps, squats jumps, ankle hops, standing board jumps and other. These exercises make player more stronger and athletic. The basic plyometric exercise is bounding that improves single-leg jumping and speed.

Calf raises: 

calf raising can help strengthen the calf muscles. This exercise aids power to increase skills like jumping and throwing a ball. Calf raising should be performed both standing and seated to strengthen muscles that comprises calf.

BW Lunges:

 BW lunges play good as a vertical jump exercise. It’s a handy exercise that doesn’t require any equipment and can be carried out anywhere. They add strength  to jumping muscles like: hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Jump squats: 

NBA players improve their vertical jump through different exercises, jump squats is one of them. Jump squats help increase strength of leg muscles. Strong base is must for players to get the sport and it can be gained through squat jump which make players fast and increase vertical jump.

Box jumps

This exercise works brilliantly not only for lower body strength but for upper body as well. Box jumps make every leg muscle work to jump high and shove you up. This box jumping drill drastically improves explosiveness of players.  

 Bulgarian split squats: 

This drill work as a core to power up leg muscles. In this exercise leg each leg gets to carry the weight of body while the other is elevated to rest on a bench. This practice make each leg strong and make you balance on one leg.

Jump rope:

Jump rope is an easy drill but it increases explosive strength. The muscles which help you leap get stronger and increase your vertical jump skills.

Dunk drill: 

Dunk drill is a basketball drill for players to enhance ability of multiple jumps. Multiple jumps are performed to get a rebound in game. This exercise will help you make quick multiple jumps.