India became the prime focus of several online betting sites and many foreign countries are successfully running their betting sites in India that are established on the regulatory framework of their own country. Gambling is believed to be an inextricable part of the culture of India and it has attracted almost three million Millennials towards the activity. This figure can clearly explain the reason for why this law is unregulated in India. 

Although gambling and betting are prohibited, the law doesn’t cover online sports betting and this loophole has helped several countries take advantage. Due to vague regulations, the industry of online sports betting is making an unexpected growth in our country. Online sports betting happens in a market that is unregulated which simply means that there is no law to protect you from frauds that take place overseas. Betninjas site is a very popular site that consists of several sports betting sites that are trustworthy at a single place.  If you are someone who is into online sports betting then you need to make sure to take precautions while having fun with the activity. 

We have discussed some good ones in our article so that you can just quickly go through the list and know about some good online sports betting sites opted by a majority of people. They are legitimate as well. 

  • 10cric – If you are more inclined towards Cricket, football and tennis then 10cric would be the best suitable option for you. Though there are other sports offered as well. A widespread range of casino games is also offered to attract several bettors worldwide.  It is an exclusive Indian site based on the frameworks of a foreign country and offers sports that are more popular in the country. It features kabaddi as well along with Cricket. They have a great promotional offer and also provide other bonus offers for the bettors. 
  • Betway – This site has a huge database of all players and is one of the most popular European betting sites available online. A lot of odds is offered by the website to its users and several online casino games are also offered at the same time. Though a lot of opportunities are not contained by the website as compared to the other sites available, the features provided completely satisfies the users. 
  • 1Xbet – This website offers a good bonus to its players to lift up their betting spirits and profits as well. There are a plethora of major sports events offered by the website on which you can easily bet. Along with that people can also vet on different other activities that include cockfighting, ice-hockey, etc. A lot of people from Asia and Europe enjoy betting on this site. A well-designed simple casino is also offered for the bettors. 

Indian websites offer VIP rewards and welcome bonuses and this is one of the vital reasons why a lot of players lure along with Indian betting sites. Make sure to find the best websites that are legitimate before you decide to invest your hard-earned money. All the best!