Hearing the term “casino bonus,” most people would have a traditional casino in mind. However, gamblers know that nowadays they can also play online. Because of the growing popularity of websites with such gaming services, they compete with one another to offer you more and more bonuses, either welcome or reload ones. The ultimate gambling hub for casinos, betting and poker is visited by an increasing number of people who strive to earn easy and big money in a short period of time. Players are flooded with numerous bonuses offered under different terms and conditions. Whereas some of them may be a positive experience, others very often turn out a fiddle. So, how to verify whether online casinos offer you a fair bonus or not? Let’s take a look at this informative guide which will suggest to you what you should pay attention to while choosing an online casino bonus.  

Check if the casino is safe 

The first thing you should always do when starting an online game is to check the casino. Browse the web to verify whether the casino you want to join is safe and reliable. Read online reviews and others’ opinions. If there’s something wrong with that, you’ll certainly find some information left by dissatisfied players. If not, it means that you can be calm and make the most of the casino and the offered bonuses. 

Check the bonus percentage and the maximum amount

The next step is to check the bonus percentage and the maximum amount. Most casinos give you 100% of deposit or even go as far as to 150% or 200%, but it’s usually only for your first deposit. The maximum amount also significantly varies, starting from $50 to unlimited bonus amounts. Checking these conditions in advance, you’ll be able to determine your optimal first deposit amount so as not to pay too much.

Check the wagering on the available bonus

Then, you could look at the wagering on the available bonus. There are considerable differences between casinos. Some of them require wagering up to 25x the bonus amount, whereas in others, you have to wager up to 99x the bonus and deposit amount. Only after wagering will bonus money be changed into real money that can be withdrawn. 

Regarding wagering, you should also remember to find out how much the games contribute to the wagering requirements since some of them may add 100%, whereas others- much less. Watch out, especially for such games as blackjack, roulette, and video poker, which usually contribute a lower percentage.

Check if the bonus is available on all games

What’s also interesting, you can’t use all bonuses on all games. Some of them are valid only on certain games. So, having such bonuses doesn’t give you the right to play everything you wish. That’s why to keep an eye on what you are choosing. It’s always more exciting to use a bonus in all possible games. 

You can always reject a bonus

Finally, remember that a casino bonus is fair as long as you can reject it anytime you want to. You don’t have to accept every bonus you are offered to. Although the pop-up ads with different bonuses may be tempting, don’t be misled! You have the right to choose. Indeed, a bonus usually gives you extra time and a real chance of winning more money, but then you are obliged to meet all the wagering requirements. So, if you prefer to have more freedom in dealing with your deposit and play on your own terms, you can ask the helpdesk to remove all the casino bonuses. But remember to do that before starting a game. 

As you can see, online casino bonuses are usually pretty fair, giving you higher chances of making a killing. The only thing you must do is use common sense and trust your intuition.