(Feature Image from mmafighting.com)

Over the past few years there have been a large number of influencers from platforms like YouTube exploring the world of combat sports, boxing has been the most notable example but others have also offered to tip their hand in the octagon too for MMA – they’ve generated a lot of buzz and excitement whether just for big events popping up or some extra options like these as online wagering has become a huge part of these sports too – but why have influencers started to explore this option, and why have they been so successful too? 

At first it seemed like a great way to settle a dispute, and the start of the YouTuber boxing saga began for that very reason as some influencers had become known for releasing diss tracks and similar online at their rivals, this also led to heated discussions and eventually the organization of amateur fights to take place with KSI and Logan Paul being the most notable examples of this. Sales rocketed and viewership was extremely impressive, perhaps coming as a surprise to all involved as millions bought tickets for the live and streamed variety, placed wagers, and took part in all that the fight offered.

Since then there have been no shortage of influencer fights to follow, even involving retired professional fighters as both Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley have stepped into the boxing ring and have received sizeable pay-outs even so much to raise a dialogue of how underpaid some professional fighters are, and one of the latest high profile fights to take place had been between former strong men in Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall, with the conclusion suggesting that it may not be the last time the two come together as future bouts certainly look like a possibility.

Whilst at first it may very much have been to settle a dispute, it has become about the money and advertising more than anything as these amateur fights can pull in quite the huge figure and have become a way for the influencers to promote themselves, as such it doesn’t come as much surprise that so many others have jumped on the same train hoping to cash in on the current trending success, for many if it keeps raising awareness about poor fighter pay then it may be worth it but for others the trope has become something less desirable to watch – if it keeps paying for influencer checks it’s unlikely to go away any time soon though.