In many countries of the world, football is the number one sport. The leading leagues constantly hold spectacular matches as part of this discipline. Championships from the top 5 occupy a special place, but the remaining divisions are also important for a multi-million audience of fans who want to constantly stay abreast of current events. Thanks to high-quality all soccer results for each league and other lower divisions of each country, all fans of vivid football can add new teams to their favorites or follow those who have been dear to them for a long time.

Soccer Results

Despite the variety and huge selection of championships, the Champions League is in first place in popularity. The best teams from different countries take part in it, and they give all their best to achieve maximum results.

These are the main contenders for the championship this season:

  • Manchester City;
  • Barcelona;
  • Juventus;

However, given all the soccer results of the past seasons, you should not ascribe the trophy to one of the above teams just yet, because there are enough of contenders besides them – Real, Atlético and others.

Latest UEFA Champions League live scores

The tournament began with the qualification stage, which is notable for its interesting matches, and it’s accompanied by a vigorous struggle for access to the group round. This season there weren’t almost any sensations, and the worthiest teams took their places. In addition, it’s especially nice to watch all the UEFA Champions League live scores in the evening, when the matches are held, because you can see how your favorite teams play, if there are several of them at once.

Barcelona, ​​Inter, Valencia, Liverpool are a little feverish at the start. Real Madrid, which cannot find a decent level of the game, is especially affected during these matches. But this is only the beginning and, given the live scores of the UEFA Champions League, the course of the game can change throughout the match until the last minute added by the referee.

Forwards please the viewers during the current cup draw as well – Serge Gnabry (Bayern) scored 4 goals in a match with Tottenham Hotspur, and young Erling Håland scored a hat-trick at the Genk net, after which he scored another goal to Liverpool. So far, these players have the largest number of goals scored – 4, and Robert Lewandowski from Bayern is also in the top three, having sent 3 goals to his rivals.

While many football players are in the groove, experts are waiting for them to be joined by Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), who are considered one of the best players in the world.