A millennial is someone who was generally born between 1981 and 1996 but this has been known to change by a year or so. 

Millennials were born into a world of technology and therefore think differently to all the other generations. Ever since they could understand they have had exposure to digital technology, the Internet, smartphones and tablets to gain knowledge at the tap of a button rather than trawling through encyclopedias etc.  The average millennial spends 18 hours on their smartphone generally searching for information and communication with friends. Ironically they do not spend time on their smartphones gambling with online games at Thorslots.com.

Any disposable income is usually spent on dining out, having drinks or dancing and nightclubs, it has not been known to be spent on casinos, tables or slots, however, if a millennial does visit a casino the trend is for them not to spend money on the casino floor and just be there for the experience and socializing .The tables at casinos usually attract a more mature player and the media is quick to publicise this, the whole experience of a casino is the social aspect and competition around that table, Millennials don’t think this way and therefore wouldn’t necessarily mix with the older generations known to frequent the casino tables, the slot machines are also the same, Millennials will play slot machines with minimum wagers so they can qualify for the free drinks the casino hands out.

What has been discovered that a millennial prefers a game of skill rather than simply a game of luck so if they can play a game where they can implement a strategy they will favour this over a game where it is out of their control. Millennials also prefer to play a game where they are not in solitude, which is how a slot machine is usually played, they prefer to play a game with friends and family for the social interaction.

In Las Vegas the total number of slot machines in casinos are down around 25% from 2001. As the generations move on there is a gap in the market hence the decline in slot machines in casinos, which has always been the biggest revenue generator in a casino. Not only is the slot machine count down but the actual visitor numbers frequenting casinos are also on a decline, however, the number of visitors to nightclubs and bars are increasing. The millenials were introduced to a more dynamic online experience with strong graphics and the ability to be played from wherever they chose.

In summary the land based traditional gaming industry needs to develop a more exciting strategic slot game to entice the millenials in to the casinos. Usually, however, if these games can be played at a land based traditional casino there is generally a smartphone version too. Due to the time spent on smartphones and how so much of this is spent communicating with friends the traditional casino has a long way to go before turning around their demographic of visitors.