Come Back Gronk

It was assumed that former Patriots tight end had made his retirement official, as he announced it to the world earlier in the year.

However, it appears that was not the case, at least as it relates to the logistics according to Kabaddi predictions.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft came out and stated that Gronk never filled out his retirement papers, in an appearance on NFL Network.

The timing of this piece of information sure is interesting. First off, November is just around the corner, so the time for Gronk to re-join his former club, if he so chooses, is looming closer. Second, Gronkowski just took a job as an analyst for FOX Sports, so he is now back in the “football world,” so to speak.

The writing’s on the wall, and we believe Gronk will return to the Patriots at some point this season.

Keenan Allen Coming With A Vengeance

Chargers star receiver Keenan Allen was nearly invisible in Sunday’s disappointing home loss to the Broncos, but he doesn’t believe Chris Harris’ play had anything to do with it.

Allen caught only four passes for 18 yards, having been targeted six times. The Chargers offense looked lost without their star receiver getting open, and it resulted in a number of stalled drives.

There was plenty of disappointment in the Chargers locker room after the game, and Allen posted this earlier in the week to share how he felt.

A Harris fan account then fired back with this.

Allen took note, and had this to say about Harris as a reply to the post.

“Now, y’all know damn well that boy can’t hold my jock strap. Stop it,” he wrote.

Allen also had this to say to reporters.

We can’t wait to watch the two square off again, as Harris did get the best of Allen in Week 5.

Boohoo Beckham

Odell Beckham Jr. has been attempting to transition from being the No. 1 playmaker in New York, and one of a few stars in Cleveland, and he’s still not adjusted to it, apparently.

OBJ saw only six targets — the same number as fellow receiver Jarvis Landry — in Monday’s blowout loss to the 49ers, and he’d apparently like to see the ball come his way more than that.

He enjoyed double-digit targets in nearly every game he was healthy with the Giants, but the Browns have some other playmakers, as well as a healthy mix of the run game as well. Still, OBJ would like to see more targets going forward.

“Anytime we lose and I don’t feel like I did anything to help win the game, I’m gonna be frustrated,” Beckham said. “That’s just the bottom line; I have winning in my heart, and I hate to lose.”

Anyone who had Week 6 in the OBJ-first-complaint pool just won some money.