The highly anticipated rematch between KSI and Logan Paul is set to take place at Staples Centre in Los Angeles on 9 November. The two YouTubers will take part in a professional bout after their match last year that ended in a draw.

And their fans cannot wait to see who will come out on top and be confirmed as the champion. The event at Staples Centre will also see Billy Joe Saunders defending his middleweight world title and Devin Haney is also reported to feature at the event.

According to a fitness expert from THEGOODESTATE, “A lot of viewers might not know that boxing takes a great deal of training, determination, and skill. Both professional and non-professional boxers, such as Logan Paul and KSI make it look easy, but by no stretch of the imagination is that true, which is why a rematch between these two YouTube superstars will be very intense and fascinating to watch.”

In their previous match, in August 2018, the Paul Logan and KSI (who’s real name is Olajide Olatunjo) the two competed in six three minute rounds at Manchester Arena, in the United Kingdom.

The match wasn’t licensed and the two men ended up drawing, which is why they had been talking about a rematch for over a year. During last year’s match, which was streamed as a pay-per-view event on YouTube, both boxers made an estimated $185 million.

Their first match saw Logan take the advantage in the first few rounds, but then KSI started to put up more of a fight and began to start taking control. Two judges scored the match as 57-57 whilst a third judge scored it as 58-57 to KSI.

Leaving the two quite frustrated at the draw, especially KSI who took to YouTube and explained to his fans that he didn’t win because he “didn’t do enough left hooks… If I did more left hooks I probably would’ve dropped him.”

Their first non-professional boxing match turned out to be one of the biggest ever recorded (in terms of pay-per-view numbers, which amounted to more than one million customers watching the match). So, it is anybody’s guess just how big their professional fight will be on 9 November 2019.

General sale tickets for the match are available on 14 September and pre-sale tickets are available on 10 September. Alternatively, if you can’t get tickets then you can tune into DAZN to watch the match.

Odds at the moment for the fight are as followed:

KSI to win: 5/6

Logan Paul to win: 5/6

Draw: 10/1

It is also anybody’s guess who will come out on top and be named the champion, it just depends which YouTube star has been training most and which one is most determined to win.

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