The 2022 NFL season is soon approaching, with the season’s first kickoff now only a couple of months away. Now that this year’s NFL draft is in the review mirror and team rosters are becoming more and more solidified, we can take a look at some pre-season futures bets and (hopefully) pick out some winners. 

We asked the sports betting and online gambling experts at what they think the best bets to place ahead of the 2022 NFL season are, and the following was their response.

1. Regular Season MVP: Tom Brady (+800)

After a 40-day retirement, Tom Brady decided he wasn’t done giving NFL secondaries night terrors just yet and announced that he would return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022-23 NFL season. In what is most likely (for real this time..) his last season playing in the NFL you can expect him to leave it all on the field this year. As one of the greatest athletes to ever play a major sport, he’s already a likely contender for winning the MVP award, but given the context of this being his last season Brady is as safe a bet as ever. Narrative aside, Brady had one of his best seasons last year, boasting a 67.5% completion rate paired with 5,316 yards. A career second-best and career-best, respectively. If we’ve learned one thing from his 20+ years in the NFL, you don’t bet against TB12.

2. Offensive Player of the Year: Deebo Samuel (+1000)

The NFL is loaded with offensive talent, all worthy of a shout for this award. However, we think there is immense value in Deebo Samuel at +1000. This man does it all, and he does it all well. Deebo Samuel is a new breed of an offensive player, where he can play in his primary position as a wide receiver, but when called upon can run the ball just as well (if not better) than most running backs in the game. Deebo Samuel finished last season with career-best numbers, racking up 1,405 yards and 6 touchdowns off of 77 receptions, and he was just as impressive on the ground with 365 rushing yards off of 59 carries with 8 rushing touchdowns as well. Considering the damage he can cause in both the air and the ground, as well as how integral he is to the 49ers’ offense, Deebo is more than a fair shout to take home the award for Offensive POTY.

3. Defensive Player of the Year: Aaron Donald (+700)

Aaron Donald is up there with Lawrence Taylor as one of the best defensive players the game has ever seen. In fact, he just recently became the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history after signing a contract extension to stay in LA through the 2024 season. If that’s not a testament to the kind of defensive player he is then I don’t know what is. Donald has finished in the top five in voting over the last seven seasons, winning the award three times in that span. As far as high-value futures bets go, this is a safe bet we’ll be laying down some cash on.