If you are like many football fans, you are always looking to see which players are atop the leaderboards when it comes to goals scored, assists passed, tackles made, and more. Not only is it crucial information when you are having your latest argument with your friends over who the best player in the Premiership is, it is also important if you are an avid fantasy football player.

So, what are 5 best sites that offer Premier League stats? Here are some of the best on the internet right now:


Do not overthink it! If you are looking for something related to the Premiership, head to the source. This official site has many of the basic stats you will likely look for and easily navigable. Not only that, but every name on each list is clickable, meaning you can learn even more about your new favorite player such as nationality, date of birth, height, and get news updates, watch highlight videos, and more.


This tried and true site offers not only stats from the English Premier Leauge, but leagues all over Europe. From Seria A, to the Bundesliga, to La Liga, and beyond. Something cool about WHoScored is that while they of course offer the raw statistics for all your favorite players and beyond, they also offer what they refer to as a “Rating” which tells you just how well a player has been performing as of late.


FBRef has a more old-school layout compared to the previously mentioned sites, but that doesn’t mean its info is any less valuable. Something interesting about FBRef is that they also offer stats based on the nationality of players within the EPL. Meaning, they show how many players are in the EPL from which countries, how many minutes those players have scored in total, and which players have had the largest impact in their games played.


This might seem like a surprising entrant onto this site, but should it be? BBC is one of the most well-known names in global news, let alone global sport. Not only does BBS show you how many goals a player has scored or assists they have completed, they also offer interesting insight into their efficiency when it comes to the percentage of their shots that have been on target. This might not be the right site for a true stats junkie, but if you are looking for some quick info on your favorite star, this is a great option to consider.  However there are other ways to get smart football stats.


This American sports giant certainly doesn’t have the same passion for football as those all over the rest of the world do, but they’re no skimps when it comes to the numbers they provide on stars all over the world. You can search by player, by team, and by stats category to find the exact right answer to the question that has been hanging in your head all day long.