Who wouldn’t like to spend an exciting night in the casino and win a few million dollars? Some people believe it’s all about luck, while others are trying to come up with the perfect system. These days, it’s pretty difficult to cheat since there are a lot of surveillance cameras and security guards in casinos. Let’s see how some people managed to do this in the past:

Contact lenses

In 2011, four con artists won $88.000 from poker tables in Cannes, France. One of accomplice worked in the casino at that time. He managed to mark all the cards with invisible ink. Players could see it only with special contact lenses on. Les Princes Casino arrested criminals when they came back to play again. In the end, French authorities found the marked cards and contact lenses. 

Cigarette pack

In 1973, a roulette dealer with his sister and brother-in-law managed to win 5 million francs (around one million dollars at that time). Obviously, it wasn’t only luck or destiny. They built a radio transmitter that could control a roulette ball. Dealer’s sister hid the transmitter into the pack of cigarettes and helped her husband to win. 

They were caught because of the casino owner who had a crush on the dealer’s sister. He couldn’t understand why she was always sitting in the same place and didn’t want to go for a smoke with him. The casino owner decided to check the girl after the casino lost five million. And that’s how the authorities solved the perfect crime. The French trio became popular after a French movie ‘The Cheaters’ сame out in 1984. 

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