When it comes to baseball, everyone knows that the Chicago White Sox is a professional team to root for. Not only is this team based in Chicago, but they have won three World Series titles as a part of the American League. Often known as the Southsider, this team began a rebuilding period in 2011 towards the end of the season to make some arrangements and sort the players who had the full potential for the team.

The 2020 Season was officially the White Sox’s 121 seasons in Chicago and also their 120th year with the American League. While the entire league was delayed because of COVID-19, players were able to resume their activities and prepare for the next season a couple of months after the last resting period.

Now, towards the end of the season through this year, there have been numerous events that have kept fans on their toes. For instance, the main player Nick Madrigal was announced to be out for the season after undergoing hamstring surgery. He is the second baseman to the Chicago White Sox and now for the rest of the season, he won’t be available to play. While he is still expected to be all set and ready to play for the next year, the team definitively feels weakened by his absence.

Given that Madrigal won’t be present during the end of the season, it is expected for players Danny Mendick and Leury Garcia to play in the absence of this player.

Upcoming Season Games

Despite the absence of one of their most important players the White Sox are still expected to play towards the end of this season. They have upcoming games against Detroit, Minnesota, Baltimore, Houston, Cleveland, among others.

The best part is that these games are already scheduled to happen and therefore, sports enthusiasts can even begin to place bets beforehand. Often there are so many ongoing season games that sports fanatics might overlook a specific event and regret not betting on it beforehand. The best way to prepare for this type of scenario is by accessing an online betting site such as Bonus at Betrivers Illinois and checking out all of its best options before the games even take place.

Towards this point, Tim Anderson, the Chicago White Sox leader, has accumulated a batting average of 0.291 and within his team, Yasmani Grandal has successfully scored 14 Home Runs only in this season. The players are doing an outstanding job this season, even though they lost a key player on the field, nevertheless, fans were not worried by this event, given that the team looked stronger than ever in their last live game towards Detroit.