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Author: TSD Staff

Klay Thompson's dad said he'll be at 'full speed' next season

By TSD Staff | April 8, 2020 It was initially projected that Warriors star shooting guard Klay Thompson would return late in this season from the ACL injury he suffered in the NBA Finals roughly one year ago, but that won’t be happening. The team announced that Klay wouldn’t be returning to the court at all this season, even before the coronavirus pandemic forced the NBA to suspend play. And sure, maybe the Warriors would’ve approached the situation differently had they been in playoff contention, but given their record, it was wise to sit Klay and play for next...

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Kevin Garnett blasts Timberwolves owner, calls him a ‘snake’

Kevin Garnett is one of the most recent inductees to the Hall of Fame, but doing expect him to be donning Timberwolves garb, or singing the organization’s praises, during his speech (whenever that happens). Garnett played for the Timberwolves for the majority of his NBA career. The team drafted him with the fifth overall pick in 1995, and he remained there until 2007. He later spent the final two seasons of his career there after stints with the Nets and Celtics, probably with the intentions of having his jersey retired there. But that clearly won’t be happening. Not only...

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HBO faces scrutiny over decision to pick both Rams, Chargers for 'Hard Knocks'

By TSD Staff | April 7, 2020 There were a number of intriguing possibilities that HBO could’ve picked to appear on “Hard Knocks,” and yet, the network went in a completely different direction, likely pandering at the league’s request. HBO chose both the Los Angeles NFL teams — Rams and Chargers — for some reason. The Rams were literally just on a few years ago, back in 2016, and fans have already seen how they operate. But here’s the thing: The Rams are opening their new venue — SoFi Stadium — this summer, so it’s highly likely that the...

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Steph Curry moonlighting as daughter Riley's second-grade teacher during quarantine

By TSD Staff | April 4, 2020 Warriors sharpshooter Stephen Curry isn’t only a two-time MVP, no, instead, he’s many things, and is bigger than basketball. Curry still has plenty of years left, assuming he remains healthy, and he’s already being referred to as the best shooter in NBA history, which is extremely high praise. He’s also crushing life at home, as a father (and husband). Curry has three children, and he’s apparently very involved in the education of one of them. His daughter, Riley, is growing up so fast, and she’s now in second grade. Steph has apparently...

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DeSean Jackson has an 'extra chip' on his shoulder after missing majority of last season

By TSD Staff | April 3, 2020 DeSean Jackson missed the majority of last season, and he apparently doesn’t have a short memory, having not forgotten about it. Jackson played in only three games for the Eagles in 2019, dealing with a core muscle injury that he underwent surgery for, but he appears back in peak shape, motivated. Last season saw him return to the city where his career began, after stints with the division rival Redskins and the Bucs, but the City of Brotherly Love  has always embraced him, and he wants to give back as much as...

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Trevor Siemian’s hot girlfriend is turning heads for the right reasons (PHOTOS)

Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian won the starting job over Brock Osweiler this summer, and he’s also winning off the field as well. Siemian, a Northwestern alumnus, has been dating Bo Podkopacz, who played soccer at the university. It’s unclear if they’ve been dating since college, although we can assume as much, judging by some of the photos you’ll see below. Here are some photos of the two hanging out together (via Siemian’s...

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Baker Mayfield shoots down porn star Mia Khalifa on Twitter

Adult film star Mia Khalifa has long been lusted after by football players, but finally, the tables have turned. Khalifa, who in the past has had athletes slide in her DMs, just so she can later expose them on Twitter — probably to feel better about herself — had the same thing happen to her over the weekend. It started when Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was seen talking trash to Baylor players before Saturday’s game kicked off, telling them they could call him “daddy.” Well, Khalifa seemed to feel the same, and decided to shoot her shot. Daddy @baker_mayfield6...

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Brent Musburger rips Tony Romo’s broadcasting style

The Sports Daily Brent Musburger rips Tony Romo’s broadcasting style Former ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger is no longer in the booth calling games, and he appears to be just a bit jealous of those who are. Tony Romo, who retired in the offseason to become a broadcaster for CBS, has been receiving a lot of praise from fans and analysts alike regarding his style of calling games. Romo has even predicted plays before they’ve happened, just by looking at the team’s formation before the ball was snapped. Musburger, however, is not a fan of Romo’s style. “Tony, get off it,”...

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