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Author: TSD Staff

Melvin Gordon takes flight, hurdles Chiefs defender for first down (Video)

By: TSD Staff | November 18, 2019 Chargers running back Melvin Gordon held out of training camp and got off to a slow start this season, which hurt the team, but he’s clearly in midseason form now. Gordon finally got his sea legs against the Packers two weeks ago, when he rushed for 80 yards, and he followed that up wit 108 on the ground the following week. He carried that momentum into Monday’s game against the Chiefs in Mexico City, when he received a handoff, in search of a first game, which he got. It wasn’t easy, though,...

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Look: Philip Rivers roasted for missing badly on hilariously awful block attempt

By: TSD Staff | November 18, 2019 Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is on the wrong side of 30, and at this stage of his career, he’s known much more for running the offense and having great ball placement on his passes — rather than being able to move around the pocket. And given that his mobility is, well, limited — it’s probably not a good idea to try to get him on the move. One particular play during Monday’s game against the Chiefs called for exactly that, with running back Austin Ekeler attempting to burst into the second level...

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Old Bruce Allen quote goes viral amid Redskins' embarrassing 2019 campaign

By: TSD Staff | November 18, 2019 The Redskins are off to a nightmarish 1-9 start to begin the season, and somehow, team president Bruce Allen still has a job. Washington lacks generational talent at nearly every position on the roster, aside from maybe receiver, and on the defensive line, with the quarterback position still a major red flag. The Redskins selected Ohio State product Dwayne Haskins in the first round of the draft earlier in the year, and he looks like a player that doesn’t even belong in professional football, given all his mechanical and football-IQ related flaws....

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Redskins fans chant 'Sell the team!' at team owner Dan Snyder (Video)

By: TSD Staff | November 17, 2019 Redskins fans have had enough, and they’re now voicing their opinion about how they feel regarding the state of the team. The Redskins have the second-worst record in the league, sitting at 1-9, and getting blown out at home against the previously two-win Jets appeared to be the tipping point for them. As for the Jets, they came into FedEx Field and dominated — jumping out to a 20-3 lead at the half. Fans responded not by booing, which they’ve before in the past, but this time by chanting the following during...

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Mo Wagner gets drilled in groin during game (Video)

By: TSD Staff | November 15, 2019 Basketball can be a dangerous games, as both players and fans know. Sometimes, just being in the wrong place in the wrong time can be a bit painful, as those who tuned in to watch Friday’s Wizards-Timberwolves game at Target Center found out. Wagner was just minding his own business being a good teammate on the play, as he set a perfect screen for Bradley Beal. The problem is that Treveon Graham tried to fight through it, and he ended up drilling Wagner right in the groin. The painful expression on Wagner’s...

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Insane statistic highlights Warriors' fall from grace

By: TSD Staff | November 15, 2019 The Warriors currently sit in last place in the Western Conference, sporting a 2-8 record, and it’s clear that a drastic turnaround just isn’t in the cards this year. Both Splash Bros. — Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson — are sidelined with injuries, as is Draymond Green as well. Kevin Durant is gone, so the team’s entire starting five from last season is no longer on the court. As such, the team is really struggling, and will likely continue to, with a strong possibility that the Warriors just tank the season away...

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Fan heckles Draymond Green about how much he 'sucks' during game (Video)

By: TSD Staff | November 14, 2019 Lakers fans are passionate about their team, and they make sure to voice their opinion when they feel strongly about a subject. Sometimes, though, there are times when they just attempt to make it difficult for the visiting team at Staples Center, and that’s what happened during the Lakers’ most recent game against the Warriors. The defending Western Conference champions came to town, although they’re a much different-looking team than last season. One particular Lakers fan couldn’t help but pour some salt in the wound regarding the Warriors’ losing streak, as he...

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Fan spotted sleeping in middle of Warriors-Lakers game (Video)

By: TSD Staff | November 14, 2019 NBA games can sometimes drag, especially due to the increased foul calls and game stoppages by referees, but the end-to-end action and highlight-reel plays usually keeps fans entertained during contests. Apparently that wasn’t the case during Wednesday’s Warriors-Lakers game at Staples Center, though. Tickets to Lakers games are quite pricey, and sitting courtside costs thousands of dollars. One particular fan didn’t seem to care all that much, though, about the money, or the game itself. He was spotted sleeping at one point during the game, as you can see in the left...

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Francisco Lindor trade rumors heating up big-time ahead of Winter Meetings

By: TSD Staff | November 12, 2019 Indians superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor has been the team’s best all-around position player for years now, but he could be on the move, and soon. Shortstops, after all, are replaceable, and the team could potentially get a nice haul for Lindor. He’s a four-time All Star, and has habitually made the highlight reel, with both his bat and his glove. Winter Meetings are coming up in roughly one month, so teams have begun opening up the phone lines to buy or sell players ahead of next season. Lindor’s name has come up...

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Steph Curry adds Michael Jordan to his 'hater' list

By: TSD Staff | November 12, 2019 Two-time MVP Stephen Curry is regarded by some to already be the greatest shooter to ever play the game, but the GOAT, Michael Jordan, doesn’t necessarily see it that way. MJ was arguably the most dominant player to ever step foot on the court, and while he was a great shooter, his skill set included far more than that. Steph’s dominance is based around his ability to launch jumpers from all over the court, although he does get to the rim from time to time as well. Still, Jordan excluded Curry from...

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Trevor Siemian’s hot girlfriend is turning heads for the right reasons (PHOTOS)

Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian won the starting job over Brock Osweiler this summer, and he’s also winning off the field as well. Siemian, a Northwestern alumnus, has been dating Bo Podkopacz, who played soccer at the university. It’s unclear if they’ve been dating since college, although we can assume as much, judging by some of the photos you’ll see below. Here are some photos of the two hanging out together (via Siemian’s...

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Baker Mayfield shoots down porn star Mia Khalifa on Twitter

Adult film star Mia Khalifa has long been lusted after by football players, but finally, the tables have turned. Khalifa, who in the past has had athletes slide in her DMs, just so she can later expose them on Twitter — probably to feel better about herself — had the same thing happen to her over the weekend. It started when Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was seen talking trash to Baylor players before Saturday’s game kicked off, telling them they could call him “daddy.” Well, Khalifa seemed to feel the same, and decided to shoot her shot. Daddy @baker_mayfield6...

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Brent Musburger rips Tony Romo’s broadcasting style

The Sports Daily Brent Musburger rips Tony Romo’s broadcasting style Former ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger is no longer in the booth calling games, and he appears to be just a bit jealous of those who are. Tony Romo, who retired in the offseason to become a broadcaster for CBS, has been receiving a lot of praise from fans and analysts alike regarding his style of calling games. Romo has even predicted plays before they’ve happened, just by looking at the team’s formation before the ball was snapped. Musburger, however, is not a fan of Romo’s style. “Tony, get off it,”...

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