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Author: TSD Staff

Look: Drew Brees, beautiful wife Brittany go on epic ski vacation

By: TSD Staff | March 13, 2019 Saints quarterback Drew Brees is still attempting to get over the brutal loss the team suffered in the NFC title game, at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. The Saints were a play away from punching their ticket to the Super Bowl, but instead suffered a 26-23 loss, and had to watch the Rams get absolutely embarrassed by the Patriots two weeks later, in a game that was never close. Brees has been remaining quiet since the tough loss, though, spending some time with his family. He just recently went on...

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Carson Wentz reacts to DeSean Jackson trade on Twitter

By: TSD Staff | March 11, 2019 DeSean Jackson is headed back to the Eagles, where he started his career, and quarterback Carson Wentz appears pretty happy about it. Jackson was drafted by the Eagles, and played for the team from 2008-13, before departing for the division rival Redskins. He was then shipped to Tampa Bay, but it never really worked out there, as Jameis Winston just didn’t target him much at all. Ryan Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, made sweet magic with Jackson, and the two really thrived off each other, but Jackson was rendered invisible with Winston...

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NASCAR drivers Daniel Suarez, Michael McDowell trade punches in qualifier (Video)

By: TSD Staff | March 8, 2019 NASCAR race weekends are always full of action — but generally, Fridays are fairly quiet. After all, Fridays are reserved for qualifiers, and not really much else. Don’t tell that to Daniel Suarez and Michael McDowell, though. The two got into it at ISM Raceway in Phoenix, in the qualifier that led up to Sunday’s race. It first began as a shouting match, but it wasn’t long until punches were thrown — as you can see in the video below. McDowell threw the first punch, which resulted in Suarez throwing him to...

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Look: WWE legend Torrie Wilson reacts to Hall of Fame announcement

By: TSD Staff | March 4, 2019 WWE fans have been thrilled to hear that Torrie Wilson, along with The Honky Tonk Man and Degeneration X, have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which makes for a pretty great 2019 class. Wilson plied her trade in both WCW and WWE, and she turned plenty of heads in doing so. She’s always managed to remain in great shape, which both male and female fans took note of, Anyway, the official announcement came on Monday afternoon, and you can check out the press release here. It didn’t take Wilson...

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Trevor Siemian’s hot girlfriend is turning heads for the right reasons (PHOTOS)

Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian won the starting job over Brock Osweiler this summer, and he’s also winning off the field as well. Siemian, a Northwestern alumnus, has been dating Bo Podkopacz, who played soccer at the university. It’s unclear if they’ve been dating since college, although we can assume as much, judging by some of the photos you’ll see below. Here are some photos of the two hanging out together (via Siemian’s...

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Baker Mayfield shoots down porn star Mia Khalifa on Twitter

Adult film star Mia Khalifa has long been lusted after by football players, but finally, the tables have turned. Khalifa, who in the past has had athletes slide in her DMs, just so she can later expose them on Twitter — probably to feel better about herself — had the same thing happen to her over the weekend. It started when Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was seen talking trash to Baylor players before Saturday’s game kicked off, telling them they could call him “daddy.” Well, Khalifa seemed to feel the same, and decided to shoot her shot. Daddy @baker_mayfield6...

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Brent Musburger rips Tony Romo’s broadcasting style

The Sports Daily Brent Musburger rips Tony Romo’s broadcasting style Former ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger is no longer in the booth calling games, and he appears to be just a bit jealous of those who are. Tony Romo, who retired in the offseason to become a broadcaster for CBS, has been receiving a lot of praise from fans and analysts alike regarding his style of calling games. Romo has even predicted plays before they’ve happened, just by looking at the team’s formation before the ball was snapped. Musburger, however, is not a fan of Romo’s style. “Tony, get off it,”...

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