Hoops fans know that if they want to purchase a quality basketball to be at the top of their game, there’s no need to overthink it, and it’s best to go with a Spalding product.

Spalding has a long-standing history and was founded 141 years ago, and its sustained success over the years is one of the main reasons fans trust them more than any other brand.

The NBA does as well, as fans watch their favorite stars hoop it up during games with Spalding’s NBA Official Game Basketball. Players such as Damian Lillard and others know that if they want to perform at their optimum level, they need a ball that will allow them to do so.

And for basketball fans that want to hoop it up with a similar-type product at an affordable price, Spalding has the product for you. The TF-1000 Platinum ZK offers great value, and is the best indoor basketball out right now, aside from the NBA Official Game Basketball.

I myself own one, and can attest that the grip is better than any other ball I’ve owned. It makes me actually appear to be a semi-decent player, which I can assure you I am not. Also, even after playing for a long time, as sweaty as my hands were, the ball did an excellent job of absorbing the moisture, and seemed to be unfazed by my slippery palms.

So now that you know I’m a fan, maybe you’re interested in checking one out. You can see more about the ball in the video below.

If you want to elevate your game, make the easy choice, and head to your nearest sporting goods store to pick up a TF-1000 Platinum ZK. You won’t regret it.