Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush caused while riding a car very fast? If you have, then we are sure that you are a fan of Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. The most prestigious event in the history of car races is held every year in Monaco. Usually, you can enjoy the competition in May. The last weekend of May month is very special to the fans of motor car races. Monaco Grand Prix is one among the three races which are known together as Triple Crown of Motorsport.  The other two are Indianapolis 500 and 24 hours of Le Mans.

Exciting History of Monaco Grand Prix

As the motor car race, the history behind this Monaco Grand Prix itself is fascinating. The event started in 1929 to promote a regional club to a national one. To understand the importance of the game, you have to know in detail the story behind it. The Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo was an event organized by Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) before 1929. ACM, which was just a regional club, wanted to attain national status and hence applied to AIACR promote itself. AIACR or Association Internationale des Automobiles Clubs Reconnus functioned as the motorsport governing body internationally.

But AIACR stated that no significant sports event had been organized fully inside the boundaries of Monaco. They claimed that most activities conducted by ACM happened in the streets of other countries only. Finally, they declared that the club could not be made into a national one due to this reason. This pushed Antony Noghes to launch a motor car race which will exclusively take place in Monaco. Prince Louis II permitted Noghes to organize the Automobile Grand Prix in Monaco. Louis Chiron, the infamous Monegasque Grand Prix driver, also thought that the streets of Monaco would make a great racetrack.

First Race of Monaco Grand Prix!

Thus, in 1929 April 14, the first race of Monaco Grand Prix took place.  Following years saw the rise in fame of this grand event. It became one of the essential activities for motor car races and gave many popular race car drivers. You will be interested to know that Louis Chiron remains as the only Monacan native to have won the Monaco Grand Prix till date. He won the championship held in the year 1931.

See the Most Difficult Circuit!

The Monaco Grand Prix has a circuit which is laid out in the streets of Monaco. This circuit is considered as a tough one for Formula One Race since the roads are very narrow. Elevation differs a lot, and a tunnel is also present in the circuit. It demands a lot of bravery and courage from the race car drivers, and that is why it is so unique even today. Even a small mistake during racing may turn into a fatal one. It is a glamorous destination for all the people who love motorcar racing. Therefor there are lots of hospitality packages for the Monaco Grand Prix to choose from.

Socialize with the Celebrities in the Luxurious Yachts!

Many elite people who are quite successful from various walks of life will come together to watch this event. Eminent personalities spend their time visiting Monaco to enjoy this spectacular race. The race takes place in a beautiful city which has world-class standards. The view is amazing. You can sneak a peek into the race by standing in the yachts in the harbour. The tracks are close to the harbour, and you can take a good look into the race. Celebrities can be seen standing in the balconies and the decks of the luxurious yachts enjoying the race. Parties will also be held after the event is over during night time. Monaco Grand Prix is a popular event where you can enjoy the after-hour parties and various other exciting activities. We can safely say that you can have the time of your life at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Watch and Enjoy the Most Glamorous Event!

Apart from the blood pumping motorcar race, people come to the Monaco Grand Prix to be entertained. One of the places to do this is at the Paddock Club Monaco, the hospitality option organized at every race by the Formula One itself. The area of the event is filled with entertaining and fascinating things. You can enjoy the game as well as entertain yourself without any hassles. It is an event of social importance as successful people like athletics, film actors and models gather and socialize with each other. Most people are fantasizing about taking part in the glamorous and incredible event that is the Monaco Grand Prix. Take part in it to enjoy the grand game and cherish your memories!