Football Index, also known as The Football Stock Market, is an exciting new form of sports betting where traders can bet on the changing fortunes of footballers. Indeed, small fortunes can be made by getting in early on the next Jason Sancho, while at the same time you’ll want to steer well clear of a an overhyped striker who’s set to be the next Alfonso Alves!

Just like the real stock market, Football Index is a tradeable market where people buy and sell shares (in this case virtual shares). However, traders in Football Index place fixed-odd bets (or Shares) on the future success of players with the hopes that the players they hold will over time go up in value, with the chance of winning daily pay-outs (or Dividends) based on match performance and media buzz.

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Now, Football Index newbies may feel overwhelmed by the stock-market inspired vernacular that they’ll encounter on the platform. There certainly are a few terms that you’ll need to remember to make trading easier. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the must-know terms associated with the Football Index:


  1. Trader – The term Trader is used to refer to users or customers of Football Index.
  2. Top 200 – This refers to the highest-priced football players. Bets placed on the Top 200 can earn traders Match Day Dividends, In-Play Dividends, as well as Media Dividends.
  3. Squad Players – Squad players refer to players below the Top 200. Shares in Squad Players are exempt from Media Dividends, but they can still give traders a chance to earn In-Play Dividends and Match Day Dividends.


  1. Spread – The Spread refers to the difference in value between a footballer’s Buy and Sell prices, which change from time to time.
  2. Sell Queue – Traders encounter the Sell Queue once they’re set on selling their shares. Shares that are being sold are put in the queue so other traders can buy them for the price indicated during the time of selling.
  3. Published Price – Each footballer comes with a Published Price, which rises and falls depending on the supply and demand for the footballer in the platform.
  4. Game Rules – Prior to participating in trading, Football Index users have to read and understand the Game Rules. Mastering the Game Rules is essential in increasing your chances of winning. Take note that these rules change every now and then and when they do, users will be kept informed using proper channels.
  5. Dividend – The Bets/Shares you have in your portfolio can earn you a Dividend or a fixed daily pay-out. There are three types of dividends: Media Dividends (MD), Match Day Dividends (MDD), and In-Play Dividends (IPD).


  1. Instant Sell – Want to cash your Bet instantly? The Instant Sell feature allows you to sell all your shares in a particular footballer in a click of a button.
  2. Bet – In Football Index lingo, Bet and Share mean the same thing. This refers to a fixed-odds bet that traders make on a football player’s future success. Placing a Bet or buying a Share in any footballer gives the trader the chance to win a daily pay-out on the platform. Simply look in your Portfolio to see your Bets/Shares, as well as your Portfolio’s current value, total cost, and profit or loss.
  3. Accept Price Movement – The Accept Price Movement function allows traders to complete their purchase even if the buy or sell price changes during the transaction. Leave this feature off and you will be alerted when prices move while you’re in the middle of a transaction.

Build your knowledge base and increase your chances of winning

Getting started with any form of trading requires a certain level of preparation and understanding. Knowing the lingo, however, is considered as a vital first step.

Now that you know the essential terms, you can dive in with more confidence as you scour the market for players who are set to go up in value.