Football is a sport that has more fans, and now sports where more types of bets offer a house to bet on every match. Football is the king’s flagship sport, because it has a big impact throughout the world. With teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​the prestige of everything related to this sport is very high, and that is why home betting is launched in all matches and with various bets.

Competition such as the Spanish League BBVA, English Premier League, Italian Calcio and German Bundesliga are the best competitions every week. In other competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and European League we also find a lot of bets, because they are the most important in Europe.

1X2 popular bet

The most popular bet is a “1X2” bet, which depends on the superiority of one team over another, you pay better or worse. Another option is betting that they will get a number of goals in the game, with bets “More than / less than 2.5 goals” that have more popularity. The type of bet results at rest and at the end of the match are also very popular, where you bet on the results of 1X2 in the first round and the result of 1X2 for the end of the match. This soccer bet is a good choice because it is usually paid very well by the betting house. Another type of soccer bet that has many followers lately is guessing which players will enter one or several goals in a match, becoming life insurance bets on players like Messi, Falcao and Cristiano Ronaldo. To note, some big companies like NetBet Sport UK put most of their resource on football.

But betting fans don’t live only in football, because basketball and tennis have a very important place among all sports bets made every day. In basketball, you bet a lot in leagues such as ACB Spain and NBA North America. In these leagues there are usually many teams that are far superior to other participants, and because of that, you usually find bets with very low odds. At this low odds, bettors come to really good options, betting on handicaps.

Popular tennis and basketball bets

In handicap betting, we give the favorite team a certain point loss, for example -8, and bets will be won if the team we bet wins with a difference greater than the handicap, following the previous example, the team must win more than 8 points.

Bets on the number of points scored by the team in “More than / Less than” bets and bets where the team will win both parts of the match, is another bet that is very popular when making basketball bets.

Tennis is a sport that offers continuous parties throughout the year, because the number of tournaments varies greatly. Tennis players like Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are tennis players who usually have the lowest market share, because of their superiority. Only in the direct confrontation between them, the winning quota was far higher than usual.

With this situation, the person who bet on a tennis match goes to another type of bet, such as betting on a set, where you bet on a tennis player and how many sets of matches you will win. We can also bet on which tennis player will win the first set or only go to the possibility of the total number of games making bets of type “More than / Less than”. When it comes to betting, we don’t have to forget sports like formula 1 and motorbikes, which have won many fans who bet every week at the world championship event.


Whatever the type, every sport has its own market, not least in betting.