If you’re an entry level golfer, selecting the right equipment for the first time is a bit challenging, even if you know how to play golf. Most of the time, you don’t have enough information so selecting is difficult

The complexity of golfing comes from a variety of clubs as well. You’re going to need more than a dozen of them the better you get at it.

Here are some aspects you need to address when putting together your very first set of golf club set.

Do you buy individual Clubs or it’s better to start with a complete Golf Set?

This uncertainty alone is one of the many challenges you’re facing when you create your first golf club set: should you get individual clubs or an entire set? Even if both ways may give results, you should be aware of several aspects.

  • Buying individual clubs can get more expensive than buying a complete set. It’s not a bad idea to save a buck and buy a set right from the beginning.
  • Buying a set saves you time as you’re not going to have to shop for the various clubs that you still need.
  • You’re not going to need all the clubs in a set when you’re at the beginning. Few irons, a driver and fairway woods and a putter may be enough. It can be cheaper to get only the clubs you need and complete the set afterward.
  • In the end, it’s all about your likings and the budget. If you’re planning to play golf for a long time, you should pay the high dollar up front and get a high-quality set.

What types of clubs do you need in a set?

There are many things that a beginner golfer has to learn about when shopping for golf clubs. Knowing the main types of clubs is going to make the selection process a lot easier, nevertheless.

Anyone knows, for instance, a full set should include Fairway Woods, Wedges, Irons, Putters, and Hybrid.

The USGA allows a golfer to have no more than 14 golf clubs in their bag. Most experts also suggest that you go with no less than 12 and no more than 14 when playing in a professional competition.

You also need to know that, ultimately, the number of each type of club in a set depends on the player. Each golfer has his/her style of play, and most out there really go for the hybrids and irons.

What are your golf goals?

It’s essential that you know precisely what your goals are when shopping for the clubs. Understanding your goals plays a significant role in selecting the type of golf clubs that one buys.

How often do you plan to play golf? Do you dream about becoming a pro someday and go on tours or not?

If you’re planning to play golf only now and then, you shouldn’t spend your money nor your time on shopping for golf clubs.

When you’re only dreaming about golf, and you’re determined to play regularly, you should make the financial efforts when buying for the best golf club sets. At Golfoid you can find out about the best options out there at the moment. As a matter of fact, there are so many other things you can look into at Golfoid. Check the bags and carts, the clothing and shoes, balls and accessories you may need for your golfing. Let’s not forget about the clubs and the clubs gear that satisfy even the pickiest customer.

Should you buy new or used?

It’s a common dilemma for the first time golfers. Should they buy new or used clubs? You may find both types, and each come with their ups and downs (which doesn’t ease out the selection process).

You’re not sure if you’re going to play golf in the next years? If so, it’s wiser and cheaper than you buy some used clubs. Not only that they’re more affordable, but you may also pay a lot less when bargaining with the seller.

New clubs can be high quality and long lasting, but you may have to empty your pocket for buying them. Unfortunately, you may not even use all of them as often as you think.

Long story short, if you’re a beginner, some suggest that starting with used clubs and upgrading to new ones, later on, is the best way to do it.

Don’t forget about the club fitting!

More often than not people overlook the importance of the club fitting. The standard size is the best option for a 5ft ten man or anyone around that height. If otherwise, you should do club fitting so that the clubs match your body type.

Club fitting is rather simple, and you only need to take various body measurements. Height and length of your arms are essential when selecting the size of your golf clubs. It’s not going to take you that long, and you shouldn’t skip it.

How much money do you have?

As with everything related to golfing, clubs are also pretty expensive, and you should have a budget in mind when you go shopping. How much money you’re spending depends a lot on your true dedication to the game.

If you’re planning to play regularly, you should get the high-end clubs right from the start. When you’re a beginner that kind of sits on the fence about golfing, spending less money is the wise thing to do.

Go over the customer reviews as well

It’s the last recommendation when it comes to clubs. Check the customer reviews of the clubs you’re planning to buy. They are a useful source of information, and you should look into them. Ask your golfer friends about the golf clubs too. The chances are that they already have an idea about what a beginner needs on the green. Personal experience teaches you so many things!

At the end of the day, not having any clues on what you’re buying is the worst decision to make. Golf clubs or not.