Fantasy sports has seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years. You might not believe it but fantasy sports have been around for quite a long time. Daniel Okrent, sportswriter, in a get together with his friends at a hotel in Manhattan, gave birth to the first ever fantasy game which was the fantasy baseball league in 1980. As the concept was very interesting, it got real popular real fast. The Fantasy Football Digest, written in 1984 was the very first document of rules of fantasy football on a paper written by Cliff Charpentier and Tom Kane Jr.


The idea then spiraled all the way through the nineties. This was the time when USA Today launched a column dedicated to the subject which would be a weekly thing. Then in 1999, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association was discovered, then on after the idea literally spread like wildfire.


Fantasy sport has created a whole new industry in the gaming world. When you talk about other games and compare them to fantasy sport be that multiplayer, battle royale, single player, first-person shooter, open world, etc. these games are not even close o what fantasy sports are. You require a completely different set of skill set in order to even participate in fantasy sport. This skill set is not really a skillset but more of knowledge about the sport that you are going to be playing your fantasy sport on.


Without the knowledge of the actual sport, you are pretty much dead in the water in a fantasy sport. The introduction of fantasy sport has absolutely revolutionized the fan experience of a particular sport. Usually, in order to play a fantasy sport, you need to have knowledge about the leagues in that sport, the teams that are participating, the players that are going to play for their clubs and much more. You need to be aware of that much at the very least in order to get some excitement or pleasure from the fantasy sport.


More hardcore sports fans absolutely love fantasy sports as they are able to use all their knowledge about the sport in a game and compete with other real people in a cut-throat competitive manner. For decades people who do not follow sports have mocked and discarded hardcore sports fans by saying the knowledge is useless and it does not matter. With the arrival of fantasy sport, every single one of these fans has got another reason to even more passionately follow the sport they love and a lot of time get monetary benefits or prizes as a result of playing the fantasy sport.


In order to play fantasy sport, it is not always compulsory to invest your own money but that completely depends upon the app that you are playing on. There are basically two types of fantasy sports app. One where you play with actual money and one where you just play for the prizes. Both of them have equally encouraging incentives and appeal to them.


According to Vinfotech, Football (soccer), is the most popular sport in the world and hence has the largest fantasy sport following. This is followed by Cricket, Field Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Table, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Basketball, and American Football.


Fantasy games are based on the points scoring system. All the data is collected from third-party data providers. All the data is collected and points are allocated according to the performances of the players. You will have to choose certain players who are playing or are a part of the match in the game and predict which players are going to perform the best. Your selected players are going to get you a number of points and those points are going to be compared with other people participating in the fantasy sports game. This is a very popular game between fans of different sports across the world.


In the first type of fantasy sports game, you get to play against other people for money by competing and predicting which players are going to perform the best. You can win money for the knowledge and a little bit of luck on fantasy sports games. The other format is that you play the fantasy sports game for the prizes that the apps give away to the winners. The Fantasy Premier League is a prime example of this. This is what makes the concept of fantasy sport so different from the rest of the gaming world as it is based on knowledge, predictions and good luck instead of pure skill.


Having said that, it comes as no surprise that everyday several fantasy sports apps are being developed. If you are also planning to get into this field, find an effective fantasy sports app development company as this is high time.