The MGI E500 is a single seat electric golf cart from the minds at MGI Golf. The MGI E500 is designed to be comfortable, fast and easy to use for both beginner golfers and experienced pros. The cart has plenty of features that provide both comfort and luxuries that golfers will be able to enjoy while they’re on the course. If you are looking for an electric golf cart that gets the job done with a solid performance and features that make driving on the course more fun and comfortable, this may be the right cart option for you.


The MGI E500 has many notable features, including the following:

  • 1200w electric motors provide a powerful yet quiet driving experience
  • 36V electrical system for reliable performance
  • Electromagnetic breaking system with Curtis controller for ultimate precision control and safety
  • Auto park brake for added convenience and safety measures
  • Coil sprung suspension front and rear made with heavy duty material
  • Shock absorbers on coil sprung suspension for added comfort and safety
  • helical rack and pinion steering for precision control during use
  • Front and rear LED lights for added safety
  • Turn indicator and alarm for security and safety on the course
  • Polypropylene flat roof for protection against the sun, rain and other weather
  • Convertible full length split fold windscreen for protection against wind, rain and other weather
  • Upper bracket for storing 1 to 2 golf bags
  • Lower self for storing 1 bag with an adjustable strap
  • Security ignition key
  • Battery level indicator to ensure you are never on the course with a dead battery
  • 2 cup holders
  • Golf ball holder
  • Oddment shelf
  • ABS plastic protection provides durability and safety to the bodywork
  • Pencil holder with scorecard holder
  • Sand seed holder
  • Durable rubber floor mat
  • Flat bench seating allows for 1.5 person seating arrangement
  • Three colors available: white, red and blue
  • Full rain cover accessory option


It’s important to know the specifications of the MGI E500 before you commit to a purchase. The specifications of the MGI E500 electric golf cart model are as follows:

  • Motor: 1200 watts with 36 volts
  • Frame: Double coated steel and aluminum
  • Wheels: 13″ all terrain
  • Dimensions: 1840x960x1850
  • Battery: 80aH, 36 volt
  • Charging: external charging port for main batteries; takes 6 hours to get to full charge
  • Max Speed: 15km per hour
  • Braking Distance: Less than 4 meters
  • Maximum turning radius: Less than 6 meters
  • Maximum climbing grade ability: 25 degrees
  • Maximum loading weight: 200kg
  • Maximum running period on a full charge: 6 hours

Quality Assurance and Warranty

Like all of the high quality golf carts offered by MGI Golf, the MGI E500 comes with a quality assurance that the cart will live up to the exceptional high standards of MGI Golf. The MGI E500  comes with a 2 year warranty that is comprehensive, so buyers can rest easy knowing that they will be protected in case their cart does not live up to the high quality standards and expectations laid out by the team behind MGI Golf.

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