Aluminum bleachers are always a great addition to a baseball stadium. Because of the way that they are mounted, they save a lot of space. This is especially true in tight venues and this gives your space more value as compared to installing individual seats.  Apart from their longevity, aluminum bleachers are also very safe since they are immune to any electrical mishap that can occur at the ballpark.

However, shopping for aluminum bleachers for your ballpark is not always easy. This is because aluminum bleachers are not purchased very often and secondly, they require a substantial investment. Therefore, if you are on a budget you must be informed on all the safety and quality issues before making your purchase to avoid making a costly mistake.

The most important thing you can do is shop aluminum bleachers that are high quality the first time and save yourself the heartache and financial stress down the road.

Here are a few tips on how to shop for the best aluminum bleachers for your ballpark on a budget.

   1. How Many Fans Will Seat On The Bleachers?

Before you go out shopping, you will need to determine the number of people who will sit on the bleachers at any given time. How much space do you have? Which seat combination will be most ideal and will not be too congested? Once you have the right configuration, you will be able to achieve your capacity goals and purchase the specific bleachers you need.

   2. Good Quality and Cheap Do Not Always Go Together

Whether you are shopping for new or used aluminum bleachers you should remember that they will cost you a significant amount of money. Avoid going for inferior quality to try and save money. You do not want to make a repeat purchase for such an expensive product because you made the wrong decision. It is also important to ask the manufacturer if they sell replacement planking and accessories before you make your purchase.

   3. Check the Experience of the Manufacturer

One important thing to always look for when buying aluminum bleachers on a budget is the experience of the manufacturer. Manufacturers who have been in the business for many years have a wealth of experience and most of the time; they produce very few customer complaints.

An experienced manufacturer will also be better placed to produce customized bleachers that will specifically suit your ballpark. It is also advisable to buy from a manufacturer who specializes only in benches and bleachers. This is because specialized manufacturers produce better products.

   4. Get a Warranty

When buying aluminum bleachers on a budget you will definitely need to ask about the warranty. Ideally, a warranty should give you the guarantee that the bleachers will be free from defects in both workmanship and materials for at least 1 year of normal use.

The warranty period is supposed to begin on the date of completion of installation by the subcontractor or the manufacturer himself. You will also get a 5-year warranty against aluminum planks blistering, cracking and peeling due to rain and UV rays.