Few Brazilian baseball players have made it to the professional leagues. The likes of Yan Gomes, André Reinzo, Paulo Orlando, Luiz Gohara, and Thyago Vieira have all led the way for Brazilian professional baseball players.

And now it seems a new star is being brought forward into the game. Young Bo Takahashi, who is only 22-years of age has become the sixth Brazilian-born Major League player. Recently, Takahashi was promoted to the Arizona Diamondbacks main cast.

Takahashi is a right-handed pitcher who was previously part of the Diamondbacks Double-A team, known as the Jackson Generals. He has had no previous experience of Triple-A so will be learning with the team and the game as he goes.

Out of the six Brazilian born players in Major League Baseball, only Gomes is currently playing in MLB for the Washington Nationals.

“Gomes is paving the way for professional Brazilian baseball players, such as Takahashi who have their whole career and a lot of promising achievements to conquer ahead of them,” says Matheus Romero, from reviewbox.com.br, “these Brazilian-born players need to see great role models in the sport so that they know that they too can make it in the Major Leagues. Hopefully, Takahashi’s career will be prosperous and he’ll prove that he is one to watch.”

Takahashi was born in Presidente Prudente and has been in the Diamondbacks system since 2013. And made his professional baseball debut in 2014, going 3-4 with a 4.39 ERA in 41 innings, since then his game has been improving.

Playing for Missoula Osprey in 2015, he went 8-1 with a 4.66 ERA in 77 innings. In 2016, Takahashi split the season between Hillsboro Hops, Kane County Cougars, and Visalia Rawhide, coming away with a combined going of 6-4 with a 2.81 ERA over 83 innings.

In 2017 he also split the season between Kane County Cougars and Visalia Rawhide, and came away with a combined going of 7-12 with a 5.14 ERA over 125.1 innings. In 2018, Takahashi split the season again between Visalia Rawhide and the Jackson Generals, combining to go with a 6-6 and a 4.03 ERA in 120.2 innings.

After which, the Diamondbacks added him to their 40-man roster. In 2019, the Brazilian baseball player started the season with the Jackson Generals, and was later promoted on August 18, 2019, to the major league.

During his minor league career, Takahashi who is Brazilian-born with Japanese descent, was always treated with good value within the organization.

Takahashi’s 2019 minor league record is 8 wins and 6 losses, with 107 innings, 93 strikeouts and a 3.87 ERA. With only a few games left in the season, everybody is wondering how much of an impact Takahashi can make in 2019, and what he will be able to bring the Major League Diamondbacks in 2020.

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