The end of the premier league seasons seems to be looming now, and teams are making their last-ditch attempts to hit the highest placing they can before the May end. On Sunday night Everton and Chelsea will be meeting at Goodison Park, and looks at the form of both teams ahead of the match on March 17th.

Home team Everton is not having the best season and currently find themselves in eleventh place on the table. It is unlikely this will change by more than one place either way with both Leicester City and Bournemouth right in the same area either side of them. There is a possibility that they could win the match, but they are indeed not the favourites, a draw would be more likely should Chelsea fail to win. Looking back the last two occasions that these teams went head to head both matches ended in a draw, which Chelsea will be keen to avoid. Their last away win against the team was in April 2017 when they took a three-nil victory in a Premier League game. In October 2017 Chelsea won again but this time at home.

As a team, Chelsea will be focusing on trying to get the fourth spot on the table, but this could be a step too far as currently, they sit in sixth and both current fourth-place Arsenal and fifth place Manchester United are already locked in a pretty piece battle to take that place as the season ends. Only one of these three teams can finish there so every point is vital and Chelsea will be hoping for the three points from a win to keep them in contention for this spot.

So looking at the last six games played by each team it is clear that Chelsea looks stronger as they have won 4, drawn 2 and suffered no losses. Everton, however, has not had such a good run having lost 4, drawn 1 and won 1. In February both teams met with Manchester City who are the current title holders and at the moment sitting in first place to win this year. Chelsea managed to hold the stronger team to a 0-0 draw, but for Everton, the story wasn’t as good. They suffered a 2-0 defeat which is pretty fair given their current track record. Being at home doesn’t seem to offer them any clear advantage either as two of their last six matches were home defeats. Chelsea only played one of their six games away, but it was a win as they beat Fulham 2-1. The only potential risk to their game comes in the form of team politics as manager Maurizio Sarri has been under fire for his lack of creative management sticking to old patterns even when they fail. His position at the club is far from secure, but whether this will be enough to knock them off form we wait to see, our money is still on Chelsea to win.