The NFL is more competitive than ever, and it has become a league where underdogs can turn into contenders virtually overnight. Every year, a few teams outperform bookmakers’ expectations and compete for supremacy, while injuries, team chemistry, or things of similar nature frequently derail some of the most highly regarded teams. 

The unpredictability and the upsets are a huge part of the NFL and they create great opportunities for bettors who can capitalize on these unexpected circumstances and win big. 

With the draft and the first wave of the free agency period being finalized, the line-ups of most teams are set for the 2019 NFL season. The Bears will host the Packers in the 100th NFL season opener on Thursday, September 5, so it’s about time to start preparing your betting predictions.

Here’s a brief overview of important player trades that took place in the league this year, as well as some early NFL 2019/20 predictions. 

Blockbuster Trades 

This year, there were several free agent signings and impactful trades that could potentially change the landscape of the league in the following years. Arguably the best two wide receivers in the league are on new teams, with Antonio Brown being traded to the Oakland Raiders, and Odell Beckham Jr. wearing the Cleveland Browns jersey next season.  

Both of these great players will team up with up-and-coming young stars, and try to join the elite ranks. On the other hand, the Denver Broncos have acquired the former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco and upgraded their QB positions after a couple of mediocre seasons. The Jacksonville Jaguars have brought Nick Foles into their ranks, another Super Bowl winner, to boost their offense.  

The Rams, last year’s finalist, have added Eric Weddle and veteran linebacker Clay Matthews to their squad but also lost some valuable pieces in the process, so it’s still uncertain whether or not they’ve actually become better after the trades. 

Despite all of these blockbuster trades, the question remains — how will the new pieces fit together in the pursuit for the 2019/20 NFL title? Let’s take a look at what the bookmakers are predicting for the following NFL season.

NFL 2019/20 Season Betting Lines 

As long as Drew Brees and Tom Brady remain as efficient as they were last year, the Saints and the Patriots will remain the teams to beat in their respective conferences. William Hill confirms this as the Patriots are a 7/1 favorite to win the next Super Bowl, while the Saints are capped at 10/1. 

The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are also right up there with the Saints and the Patriots, getting as low as 8/1 from some bookmakers. The next tier of favorites includes the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts at 14/1, and Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers, and Philadelphia Eagles at 16/1. At 20/1, Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings can be considered long shots. 

Teams given higher odds don’t have a realistic chance to win the Super Bowl and are not worth picking, especially this early. All things considered, it’s definitely best to play it safe and pick one of the top 4 teams, despite the relatively low profits on such bets. 

We would like to point out that the odds can vary significantly between bookmakers. Therefore, you should choose top-tier betting operators in the industry if you want to make the most of your NFL betting predictions.