MMA athletes are the ultimate fighting machines and among of the most followed people in the world. Their utmost skill and other proficiencies in the game make them the most formidable elements of the combat sports industry. These guys practice and sharpen their skill and talent in the field of MMA and its branches to become champions and stars.

But all of this is possible because they have a team of individuals that helps them become successful and perform in the arena. One of the most important elements of this team of brilliant individuals are the coaches who train them. These guys are like blacksmiths who forge the athletes to stand and perform in the ring. The coaches are the people who stay with the athletes to make sure that they are following their diet, their routine and exercise is in order. In short, the fighters are more than a family to them. MMA athletes are trained by individuals who are former champions or coaches or gym instructors or individuals who have spent a long time in the game. You can have a look at these athletes and coaches using Spectrum Select and channels offered in the package. Here are a few MMA coaches that you can follow:

Greg Jackson (USA) 

Greg Jackson is one of the MMA trainers who owns the Jackson Wink MMA academy located In New Mexico. He is one of the top-notch trainers who has trained many successful fighters, many of whom you watch fighting at the UFC. These notable names include Jon Jones who is one of the most profound MMA athletes and the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jackson grew up in a very adverse neighborhood and started to learn martial arts for self-defense. He used to get suspended from school for instigating fights. After graduating from the Rio Grande High School, he started to teach Gaidojutsu and moving further started his school which officially became an MMA school after some time. His MMA schools and gyms won 5 Wolrd MMA Awards. Apart from that, he also bagged many other MMA awards.

Rafael Cordeiro (Brazil)

Rafael is a former MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai fighter who now works as a coach at the Kings MMA located in California, USA. He was a fighter who used to practice MMA, Muay Thai and was the Brazilian Muay Thai champion thrice and the lightweight champion at the IVC. He retired and continued a career as a coach at Chute Boxe where he trained several champions and contenders including Murilo Rua, Maurício Rua, Wanderlei, Jason Miller, Mark Muñoz, Rafael dos Anjos who is a UFC lightweight champion. He won the award for being the best coach and of the best academy in the world and was elected as the best coach of the year in 2015 at the World MMA Awards.

Dan Henderson (USA) 

Dan is one of the retired MMA athletes and Olympic wrestlers who competed at UFC as a middleweight fighter. He has the honor of being the first MMA athlete to hold two titles in two different weight categories. When he retired, he was one of the oldest fighters on the UFC roster. Henderson has a long list of awards that he bagged during his career for MMA, Amateur Wrestling, American Wrestling and many other disciplines that are part of combat sports. He also bagged in different world records including ones at the Submission Underground 2 (Jon Jones) and The Contenders (against Frank Shamrock).

Randy Couture (USA) 

Randy is an American actor, retired MMA athlete and a former sergeant of the U.S. Army and used to fight at the UFC. He has the honor of being the UFC heavyweight Champion (three-times), UFC Light heavyweight Champion (two-times), an interim Light heavyweight Champion. All this sums up and makes him UFC Champion and the UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament winner (6 times). Apart from fighters like Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre, Amanda Nunes and many others, he bagged 2 UFC championship titles in two different weight categories. He served as an assistant wrestling coach and strength and conditioning coach at the Oregon State University and opened his chain of gyms called Xtreme Couture. Apart from that, he partnered with many other gyms and schools for combat sports.

Renzo Gracie (Brazil) 

He is a Brazilian MMA athlete and one of the BJJ practitioners of the Gracie family of Brazil. He is a 6th Degree Black Belt in BJJ under Carlos Gracie Jr. Renzo competed in the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, International Fight League, RINGS and K-1. He became the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, UFC Welterweight Champion, UFC Welterweight Champion, UFC Heavyweight Champion, and winner of the UFC 6 Tournament. Renzo is the head instructor at the Renzo Gracie Academy and many other affiliate academies in the USA, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Israel, South Africa and other parts of the world.

Final Words

You can follow many of these coaches online and make sure that you make the most out of it. Many of these individuals provide people with a lot of free stuff as well. You can find many of their books and videos on YouTube and different channels. I suggest that you should make the most out of these courses or mentorship programs and make some amazing changes in life.

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