When it comes to online betting or betting in general some people only play for fun or to release some stress. No one really considers how much money some players earn from just one small bet. From expert players to one-time players, the list is endless. In this article, we will be looking at the luckiest bettors and their incredible wins.

Billy Walters 

If you are a betting enthusiast, you be familiar with the name Billy Walters. Billy Walters made a name for himself when he won over 3.5 million dollars on one single bet on one of his beloved sports – football. Walters entered the gambling world with poker where he was a professional player but started betting on sports when he earned enough money from poker. His bet was not purely based on luck, but he knew the game and was able to determine an accurate bet. The New Orleans Saints scored against the Indianapolis Colts in the 2010 Superbowl and Walters earned so a large amount of money as the Saints were underdogs in the game, but Walters made the smart choice to bet on them winning. 

Fred Craggs 

Yorkshireman Fred Craggs decided to bet on horse racing in 2008 to commemorate his 60th birthday, but given that he was just wagering 50p, it’s safe to assume that he wasn’t betting with the goal to win. His eight horses competed on a variety of tracks, from one with the name Isn’t That Lucky to one with the name A Dream Come True coincidentally. Another jaw dropping factor to this story is that Craggs didn’t realize that he had won 1.4 million pounds until he went back to the bookmaker to try his luck again. 

Vegas Dave 

In the gambling world, this guy is a household name. His dream was always to win big and live life of his gambling wins and he truly has achieved this with him living in Las Vegas and constantly winning bets. In one of his bigger wins, Vegas Dave wagered $140,000 on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series, and he ended up winning a whopping $2.5 million. He had to spread the bet among 15 other sportsbook gambling sites since the casinos viewed it as a liability, but it was worth it.

James Adducci 

A normal guy from Wisconsin tried his luck with a bet of 85,000 dollars on Tiger Woods to win in the 2019 Masters which resulted in him earning 1.19 million dollars. This bet has gone on record for being the largest golf payout on futures bet in the William Hill Sportsbook. This run of the mill guy turned his life around with this amazing win and immediately purchased a 1.2-million-dollar home. What’s even more amazing is that this was his first-time betting on sports. 

Mick Gibbs

Out of all the lucky people mentioned above, this guy is probably the luckiest of them all. Gibbs, who was a roofer living in Staffordshire at the time of his winning, won a whopping 500,000 pounds on 30 pence bet on a 15-leg accumulator of +166666600 odds. The final game between Valencia and Bayern Munich in 2001, went to penalties, therefore he won a significant sum of money because all 14 of his predictions were accurate, learn more at Fliptroniks.

One must remember that although there are some sports that require some skill to be monetised via betting, luck also plays an important role. This informative website in Japan explains various football betting strategies and provides some tips for free.