The EPL has a reputation for being the best football league worldwide with it having some of the best teams and the best players taking part in it. Millions of us tune in to watch the matches when they air aired on tv, there are also millions of us who go to the live games. Fans are also allowed to go to home and away games now which is a great thing to see once again. One thing a lot of football fans have missed is being able to meet up with their mates and place a group acca which I know a lot of us love to do. Since the return of the premier league online casinos have been rammed with players once again, like casimba online casino. It is clear to see the connection between the Premier League and online casinos considering most football teams main sponsor on the front is usually an online casino. Many football fans have been waiting for the return of this league for a long time and not just in the UK either, there are many fans worldwide that tune in to watch their favourite teams play in this amazing league. There are many who will argue that there are better leagues than this one but even the best players in the world would agree that the Premier League is by far the best league you could possibly take part in. 

The season has just begun, and this league looks set to be explosive with some of the best players in the world having recently signed to new teams during the transfer window. Season tickets have all sold out, the stadiums are all packed once again. Fans being allowed back is great for the league and not just this one either it is great for every league across the football world, check out more information on this. Who will you be placing a bet on to win the league; will it be Manchester City again or will Chelsea come and steal the show after having made some world class signings? It is difficult to see who will triumph this season, but commentators are calling this to be one of the best seasons we have had in recent years, and you can see why especially with fans being allowed back and bringing back that football atmosphere once again.