Incentives have existed since the inception of the gaming industry. The reason for this might just be the fact that there are many platforms, both online and land based, with the same service. This creates stiff competition when trying to attract more players to a certain platform.

The gaming industry has always been divided into two: sports betting and casino gaming. Sports betting deals with real sporting events, while casinos have different types of games rather than live events. Both sports betting and casino gaming offer incentives to its players. However, these incentives differ from each other. This article compares the two types of bonuses from each other.

About the Casino Bonus

A casino bonus can simply be described as an offer that a casino gives to players in exchange for loyalty to their platforms. Some casinos use the bonus as a method to entice and attract new users to the casino. Casinos tend to offer different types of incentives. The type and amount depends on the type of offer and the reason behind it.

Casino incentives can sometimes be attached to certain terms and conditions. These conditions have to be fulfilled before the player withdraws the amount. Failure to do so means that the gamer might miss out on this advantageous opportunity. Incentives are worth it if you are able to fulfil all the requirements.

Different Types of Casino Offers

The different types of casino incentives include;

Welcome Bonus: Awarded to new users and can include bonus cash, free spins or both.

Reload Bonus: Offered to players who have previously made a deposit.

Match Bonus: An addition to the amount a player deposits.

Deposit Bonus: Incentive offered to new players who have made a deposit.

No Deposit Bonus: Free bonus given to players without a deposit.

Free Spins: A free round on an online slot. Usually accompanied by cash incentives.

Periodical Bonus: A bonus offered to already registered players on a weekly or monthly basis.

Sports Betting Bonus

A sports betting bonus is a free chance for a player to try their luck on specific markets or certain bet types. This bonus is the cornerstone of sports betting since an added incentive will encourage the player to start betting by making a deposit. However, not every offer should be worth your time.

The vast number of rewards offered by different casinos are usually free play or otherwise known as free bets. Players receive part of the deposit amount in form of a free play. The results of the event and winnings will be attached at a rollover rate. Although free bets are popular, there are other different types of incentives from sport betting firms.

Varieties of Sports Betting Bonuses

Other examples of sports betting incentives include:

Deposit Bonus: Additional funds to player deposits.

No Deposit Bonus: Bonus offered to players who are not required to make an initial deposit.

Free Bets: Opportunity to bet without spending the available balance.

Rebates: Chance to retry a bet after losing.

Enhanced Odds: Higher odds for better winnings.

VIP Rewards & Programs: A bonus offered to high rollers.

Comparison Between a Casino Bonus and a Sports Betting Bonus

Anyone who wants to participate in gambling has to choose between sports betting and casino gaming. Both offer rewards that differ in certain ways. First, most sports betting offers don’t need a bonus code like in casinos. Players choose an offer when they create an account and use it. However, there are some exceptions on certain websites.

Sports betting usually requires a lower amount of money to trigger the deposit bonus compared to casinos. As a result, sports betting players end up spending less. However, casino rewards are much more impressive compared to sports betting. There are tons of incentives that can include both cash and free spins.

With all that said, something similar for both casinos and sports betting is, rewards might be for specific games. For sports betting, it might be for a certain sports. Casinos can offer incentives for specific games, such as slots games. Read through the terms and conditions to find out what’s the catch.

Is a Bonus Worth it?

A simple answer to this question is yes, especially if the player knows what he is doing. Incentives give gamblers a chance to try different games either in casinos or sports betting. This helps to familiarize with the environment before actually spending real money. Experienced players can use this as a head start to the basics.