Edmonton-based NHL bigshots, the Edmonton Oilers, have been ripping through numerous seasons each year. And with each game, the scramble for Edmonton Oilers tickets continues to be intense! The 1972 established dynasty title-boasting hockey team has been having a great run, and fans have been enthusiastic about their future performances in the NHL.

Tons of Oiler’s supporters have been looking up the Edmonton Oilers schedule to call dibs on the best seats. And Some have been luckier than others! Here are some of the best ticket-finding tips we’ve gathered from NHL regulars that could get you on that list. It includes attending Edmonton Oilers presale events, relying on apps that compare seats and prices, and other tips.

Trying out these tips might very well get you to the Edmonton Oilers game you’ve been excited to attend.

The first and most important tip by NHL regulars is to keep your eyes peeled for when the tickets go on sale. The schedule is published on the official NHL website and the official Oiler’s website before a season commences. You can also find the dates on several popular and reliable ticket websites. However, if you want to get immediately notified, the former two options are the go-to. They’ll give you the edge you need to get the best possible seats before they’re all taken.

Once you’ve got the Edmonton Oilers tickets for the upcoming events, type in the one you’d like to attend on your browser’s search bar. Your screen will present you with a list of websites that have the tickets you’re looking to get. A pro-tip by NHL regulars is to set a reminder for the day the tickets will be on sale so that you can get there before the crowd. It’s especially beneficial if there’s a presale event for the tickets coming up.

Keep in mind that presales are time-sensitive events. So, the earlier you are, the better. Moreover, the later rounds of a presale event may have lesser selections of attractive seats and deals to offer. If you want even better results, as in great seats at attractive prices, it is advised that you compare tickets across websites. Indeed, some websites and apps can help compare prices for you, saving time and effort. Do search for the best Edmonton Oilers tickets and take your pick while it’s early. It’s a pretty straightforward set of steps.

The Edmonton Oilers had a fantastic play this season with a solid team. Connor McDavid and Tyson Barrie displayed an impressive powerplay while Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen shouldered incredible saves. Oiler buffs have expressed possibilities for further improvements in the team’s gameplay. And by the looks of it, the team certainly has the potential to dominate the NHL in the coming seasons.

If you’ve been an avid Oiler’s fan and want to call dibs on Edmonton Oilers tickets to their games, try out the easy steps listed here. Cheer on the team in person!