Are you fond of playing soccer?

Well, many of you would respond yes. However, the others would love to watch the same and cheer their favorite team. The premier league is one such event when teams from different clubs compete against numerous other clubs in the country. Many of you already know the top teams, clubs, their managers, and even the stadiums where matches are being conducted. Interestingly, not many of you know the interesting facts about the English Premier League. You already know some of the facts, like the top goal scorers in EPL, how many goals are made in the entire league, etc.

So, let’s dive more into the premier league without any delay and know some marvelous yet interesting facts.

Total 21,652 Goals Scored in the Premier League: 

Yes! If you are shocked, then this is definitely a shocking fact that most of you don’t know. Since 1992, when Premier League was launched, a total of 21,652 goals are scored by different players and teams. The count is increasing with each match that’s taking it to a new record.

Manchester United – Records for Biggest Home and Biggest Away Wins:

Manchester United is one of the prominent and renowned teams that has won numerous matches in the entire Premier League. However, what makes them unique is that they hold the record of winning the home match with a gigantic score. In 1995, Manchester United defeated Ipswich Town by a score of 9-0. Further, the MU also holds the record of the biggest away win where they defeated Nottingham Forest with a score of 1-8 in 1999.

Most-watched Football League in the World:

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t love to play soccer, you would definitely love to watch the same. That’s the reason; football has become one of the famous sports across the globe. However, Premier League is the most-watched football league globally, which makes it a super-win over other leagues conducted for different sports. Interestingly, many of you would already agree with this fact, followed by the teams, challenges, and renowned football players.

Ryan Giggs – Maximum Substituted Player:

People who are big fans of Ryan Giggs might get disappointed with this fact. Ryan Giggs holds the record of maximum substituted player in the Premier League. He has been substituted for nearly 134, making it an aww-moment for the player and his fans. One strong reason behind this count is that Ryan has a long-playing record, and hence his substitution is common. Still, it matters!

James Milner – Won all Scored Matches:

It’s strange to believe that a player scores in specific matches and won the same match. Yes. James Milner is one of those players who have scored in a total of 57 matches. Interestingly, the team has also won all those 57 matches. This makes it more a record than a coincidence.

So, how many of you already know these facts, and how many of these facts were new to you? Premier League will have its last match on 23rd May 2021. Till then, you keep watching the competitive matches and cheer your favorite player.