Trampolines are a great way for both kids, and adults, to get some exercise and to have loads of fun. You can play games and practice jumps on the trampoline or just lay down and enjoy being outside. Trampolines are a good way to spend time outside in the fresh air with friends or family. When getting a trampoline you can choose between having it standing freely in your garden or having it dug into the ground. If you are curious about the advantages of an in-ground trampoline and how it differs from above-ground trampolines then keep reading and get some more information on the subject. 

In-ground vs above-ground trampolines

There are multiple advantages of an in-ground trampoline. First of all it looks better in your garden. Of course looks aren’t everything but it’s a nice bonus that the trampoline won’t be obstructing your view as much. An in-ground trampoline also has the advantage of being a bit more safe. As it is level with the ground you won’t hurt yourself as badly if you fall off. For this reason, if you do choose an above-ground trampoline, it is important to have a safety net for it. That way you can make sure that there won’t be any accidents while people are on the trampoline. 

Where to put the trampoline?  

First of all, it’s important to find a place where there are no pipes or wires in the ground. Dig carefully so you are sure not to hit anything. Make sure to place the trampoline somewhere with no trees, bushes or any hard surfaces just around it to make sure children or anyone else who will be jumping gets hurt. Try placing it so it doesn’t stand too close to your neighbours ground as jumping kids can both be heard and seen in a way that can be disturbing or distracting for your neighbours. Of course, it helps with an in-ground trampoline, as people jumping won’t be going as high in the air as on an above-ground one. Try laying out something as big as the trampoline beforehand so you can get an idea as to where the best place to put the trampoline is. 


After finding the perfect spot for your new trampoline get ready for some fun times. Trampolines are, as mentioned before, a great way to get exercise and have fun. It can also be really helpful to train and develop your kids motor skills. There are many great things about trampolines, so you should definitely give it a go and get one to enjoy with your family and friends.